September 2019 Newsletter

Enchanted Care Learning Center

A word from the Principal

Summer has come to an end and another school year is upon us. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new families, and a sincere thank you to returning families and those that chose to spend their summer with us. We enjoyed making memories with your children!

We recognize that this is a busy time for many families and are using this month’s school newsletter to include reminders on school policies, communication, security and more. Please read through this newsletter carefully, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Ronatta Campbell

Upcoming Events

September 2: Enchanted Care CLOSED. Happy Labor Day!

September 6: Grandparents' Day Event 9:30-10:30am

September 9: National Literacy Day

September 12-13: Picture Day

September 27: Parents' Night Out 6:00-9:00pm

Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures

We would like to remind our parents of some of our pick-up and drop-off policies to clear up any confusion.

  • Late Pick-ups. We understand that issues can arise that will result in you arriving after 6:00pm to pick up your child. In that event, we do require a phone call to make our staff aware that you will be late. Please be aware that, as outlined in the fee schedule, you can be charged $1/minute after 6:00pm for a late pick-up, and repeated late pick-ups can result in disenrollment.
  • Teacher Acknowledgement. Your child's teacher must acknowledge both you and your child's presence before you may leave. Similarly, please make sure that your child's teacher is aware you are picking up before your remove your child from his or her classroom.
  • iPad sign in/out. You must enter your child's 4-digit pin on the lobby in the iPad. Please make sure this is being entered when your child is with you, meaning that it should be the first thing you do when you enter the building and the last thing you do before you leave.

Building Security

Your child's safety is our primary concern. Therefore, please remember NOT to share your 4-digit door code with anyone else. If a friend or relative will be picking up your child for a brief period of time, an administrator can let them into the building. We also would like to remind parents that we have a pick-up authorization form in the office to arrange for temporary adjustments in the normal routine. Please advise the individual picking up your child that they will need to present a photo ID to an administrator.

Please do not sign your child out on the iPad until they are with you. This results in them being checked out of the teachers' system, and if this occurs during a transition, your child could be unknowingly left behind.


Please be advised that while we do occasionally send out parent communications by alternative means such as a flyer in your child's cubby or a poster in the lobby, the vast majority of our communications (including this newsletter) go out through Tadpoles. If you are having difficulty receiving communications, please reach out to an administrator.

August in Review

Welcome back to school!

It was bittersweet to see our Pre-K friends move up to kindergarten, but we know they will continue to grow and learn at our Kids' Campus. We're also very excited to welcome the new friends who joined us in August, and those who will continue to join us as the school year gets off the ground. It's an exciting time to be at Enchanted Care, and we're happy you're with us!

September Birthdays

Brody P. turns 2 on September 2.

Daisy S. turns 3 on September 10.

Eliza M. turns 2 on September 14.

Loshe M. turns 4 on September 14.

Olivia T. turns 1 on September 18.

Luke P. turns 3 on September 19.

Payton W. turns 3 on September 21.

Sloan S. turns 2 on September 21.

August G. turns 1 on September 25.

We LOVE Referrals!

For each new full-time child enrolled for 3 consecutive months, referring parent receives one free week of tuition for their oldest enrolled child.
  • For each new part-time child enrolled for 3 consecutive months, referring parent receives $100 off tuition for their oldest enrolled child.

  • An existing family can refer as many new children as they wish,

    and receive the discount for each one!