My Learning Journey


1. The Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio: 1:1.61803398875, the ratio that a/a+b = a/b. This is the mathematical formula for the most visually

appealing rectangle. When you have a “Golden Rectangle”, when you have a square inside it that is a x a, the remaining a+b-a x a rectangle is again the Golden Ratio, and you have another Golden Rectangle. A series of these can make the Golden Spiral.

The Golden Ratio is represented by the Greek letter Phi = φ. You can use the Golden Ratio in things like art and photography. The Rule of Thirds was based off of the Golden Spiral and many famous painters used the Golden Rectangle in their paintings.

Extending my knowledge

The golden ratio can also be found in the pentagram. Since pentagrams can be inscribed inside pentagrams, the amount of golden ratios that can be found inside a pentagram are endless. Also, by taking the arms of the pentagram and changing the base angles to 90 degrees you will have created a Golden Rectangle.


Intro to Gimp

Gimp is a photo editing software a lot like Adobe Photoshop. Also known as a digital darkroom, Gimp is used to touch up photos, add effects and make you pictures look better. Some of the basic functions of Gimp are red-eye removal, blur, touch-up, and cut/copy/paste. There are also many advanced functions that go beyond the default and let you do things yourself in a specific way. We used Gimp in class for cropping screenshots for our presentations on how to use software like Prezi and Powtoon.

Extending my Knowledge

I learned how to add an alpha channel in Gimp, which is an advanced setting. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Right click on the image you want to add the channel to.

2. Click "Layers" and then click "Transparency".

3. Click "Add Alpha Channel"

4. Using the cutting tool, select the area that you want to get rid of and then click "Delete".

5. To save the image, go to "File" and click "Save As". Then click "Choose Extension" and select ".PNG". Click Save.

Text Effects in Publisher

Intro to Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a software that can be used to make flyers, bulletins and resumes. On a personal note, I used Publisher for my first resume. It contains many formats and styles to make you product look its professional, but at the same time is very to use and control to make your products. We used Publisher in class to make flyers for different topics and ideas.

Extending my Knowledge

I learned how to do different things in Publisher with text, especially when it came to picture/text relationships. I learned how to make text go in front, behind and wrap around a picture on the flyer, bulletin, etc. Below are the steps in pictures.


I showed resilience this semester by being part of a group that finished their film on time. We did our film based on a story that Daniel Orr wrote. It was about a princess who was stuck in a castle, trapped there by a witch. The hero of the story is woken up by a dying messenger who delivers to him a message asking him to go save the princess. He sets out on a long journey and arrives at the castle. The clip below is the conversation that he has with the princess. After the conversation he then climbs up the wall to the castle but is forced to quickly make a plan with the princess when the witch comes back. He hides until the witch comes in and then sneaks up behind her and stabs her. The two fall in love and the hero is knighted by the king. Then, the hero wakes up and realizes that it was all a dream. We had many setbacks in our film production like Sara being gone for the play and Claire doing other extra-curricular activities. They were gone for several filming days but we were able to pull through and finish our film on time. On the days that they were gone, the people who were left did their scenes and then we used the day of grace from Mr. Grills to film our last scenes.
Here is a snippet from our film.


I showed creativity this semester because I wrote a story for a possible script for a movie. We didn't use my script, but it was still something that had to be done. My group didn't use my script because it would have been hard to film (after all, I don't have a plane sitting around to crash). It showed creativity because I wrote the story without copying another person’s work and using my own writing style. It was about a woman named Heather who went through a plane crash on her way to the Northwest Territories. She is injured but then she finds a radio and calls for help. The story was titled, “The Horrible Ordeal”. I enjoyed writing it and expressing creativity. Below you can read a copy of the story.

The Horrible Ordeal

Heather was a very adventurous woman. She loved to do extreme things like

bungee jumping, skydiving and downhill skiing. So when a co-worker offered to take

her with him on a camping trip to the Yukon via private jet, she was ecstatic. She

immediately said yes, and made arrangements to leave the next day. So Heather

packed her suitcase, met her co-worker at the airport, and left.

As they were flying over Northern Ontario, the jet began to bounce around in

the air like a rag doll in a washing machine. The pilot’s voice came over the

intercom, “Please do not panic, we are experiencing some heavy turbulence.” But

fifteen minutes later, the turbulence was getting worse. All of a sudden, there was a

large flash of white light from the left side of the plane, accompanied by a

resounding, “BOOM!”. To the horror of everyone on the plane, they watched the

flaming jet engine violently separate from the wing. The entire plane began to tilt to

the right and dive steeply.

Out the window, Heather could see the pine and evergreen forests of Northern

Ontario grow nearer and nearer, the trees below grow rapidly larger. The

stewardesses and Heather’s co-worker were screaming, but that noise was not nearly

as haunting as the whistling sound the jet made while it dived faster and faster, as

gravity yanked it mercilessly towards the ground. With approximately ten seconds

to impact, Heather braced herself against a seat, and prayed. With a deafening crash,

the jet slammed into the ground.

Dazed, Heather stumbled out of the smoldering wreckage just in time to see

what was left of the plane explode into a massive fireball. Heather was pushed to the

ground by the shockwave, as bits of the plane flew over head, whistling by like

shrapnel from a grenade. Heather knew in her heart that there were no other survivors,

although her head didn’t want to believe it. As the flames died down, Heather sat

there, sobbing, until she fell asleep, swallowed up by sadness as she mourned the

loss of her co-worker, staff and pilot.

When Heather awoke, she was covered in bug-bites. Her fire-singed clothes had

not done much to protect her from the ravenous mosquitoes and spiders. She sat

there for a moment, as the events of the previous day came flooding back to her.

Re-gaining her bearings, she took stock – a twisted, charred carcass of what used to

be the private jet, there was a lake in sight, she seemed to be in a small clearing in

the forest with a small beach on the lake. Nothing seemed broken, only minor

injuries from the crash. She needed to find a way out of this place and get back to

her hometown.

Heather’s first thought was fire. She dragged her sore body into the nearby

forest, and began to collect kindling. First she took a handful of dry pine needles, and

then some fallen twigs. She found what seemed to be a rib and a shoulder-blade of a small animal, probably a raccoon. Next she broke off some larger, thicker

branches from the trees around her and placed them in the sun to dry. Using the

edge of the shoulder-blade, she dug a hole in one of the thick branches. Placing

another branch perpendicular into the divot made by the bone, she began to spin

the vertical branch in between her palms, doing so until she got some hot embers.

Then she placed them in the dry needles and twigs, and blew air gently on the

embers until the kindling caught fire. Then she added the larger branches and built

up her fire.

While she was tending the fire, something lying in the wreckage caught her

eye, glinting in the sun. She hurried over, and saw that it was an antenna! She

pulled on it, and found that it was attached to a radio that had miraculously

survived the crash. She fiddled with the knobs, until she reached someone. It was

floatplane that was flying in the area. As she told them her situation, she began

heaping large amounts of pine-needles and green brush on her fire, causing it to

give off large amounts of smoke. The plane she reached by radio spotted the

smoke, and flew in to pick up Heather. As the floatplane landed on the lake and pulled

up to the beach, Heather felt sweet relief mingled with the sadness of losing her

co-worker and the jet staff. But as she boarded the floatplane, Heather’s heart leaped,

knowing that she was going home.


I showed competence this semester because I learned how to use Audacity Sound Studio for our film. We recorded audio for our film for clips using a microphone where the original audio from the camera wasn't good enough to use. I had to learn how to export things as mp3 files and add layers to the audio. It shows competence in this area because I was able to record, add layers, and export audio. I am glad that I learned how to use Audacity because it is a program that I will need to use in the future.
Here is a soundbite from our movie that we did using Audacity.
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