A Rape on Campus

By Justin Naugher

Featured By University of Virginia

During many college girls time spent in college they can be introduced to many bright and exciting things, but this article focuses more on the darker sides of the these new experiences. Especially targeting in on the story of a young freshman at the university of Virginia. Who was brutally beaten and raped by over 7 men at her first party. Her story is one of the darkest and most disturbing stories to read, but it must be read for the sake of the future generations of women. This article focuses on the constant neglect of human rights of women for selfish reasons of the universities. Which can leave them vulnerable to potential assailants, since they are not going to be provided proper protection by the university in which they attend. So therefore this issue within our society has actually most likely been going on for a long time. We are just now starting to realize it and begin to deal with the issue. Hopefully over time these universities will begin to make the proper adjustments to try and protect their female students.


Without the feeling of Empathy towards women we can not possibly begin to fix this issue. The broader issue here is that our society currently does not give women proper treatment or respect. In order to do that first we must begin to understand just what they are going through, and unfortunately since our society covers up most of these details. Articles much like this one must surface to sort of give us all a little slap in the face to wake us up to the reality of the situation around us today.