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"A Terrible Mishap on Jolly Wall"

On a Sunday morning on October 5th, 1628, Johnny Jim sat on Jolly Wall in London, England outside the castle gates. Later on, a bird swooped by and hit him in the head and he fell. Some people over heard that he had bird seed on his head after the fall. He had a big crack in his head and went to Christian's Hospital. The king's men couldn't put him back together because some of the pieces were lost. Then everyone had a ceremony for the loss of Johnny Jim and remembered him well.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is my favorite app to play on my phone because I’m addicted to it. When you enter the game, there are 9 levels to choose from. Each level has 3 stars to try and get. After you click on whichever level you want, it will start moving a geometry block across the screen. As you go further, it will get harder because you have to jump over obstacles, go through tunnels, and fly through the air. If you mess up, you start over. So each level has a percentage bar on how far you have made it through the past few games; 100% is the end or the level. Once you pass a level, it will keep your high score, and you can move on to the next one. This is why I love this game so much because I know a lot about it.

Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas can be really interesting when it comes to their way of life. Their lifespan is 20-35 years of living. Giant Pandas can weigh between 242 lbs. -- 551 lbs. If they run, their highest speed to run would be about 20 mph. They also don’t hibernate in any season.

Did you know that Giant Pandas have preys too? They eat bamboo, fruit, and rodents. Then they have predators, also. They are humans, leopards, and birds of prey. High-altitude, moist bamboo forests are their natural habitats anywhere in China. Since the Giant Pandas lost their habitat because of deforestation, they only rely on bamboo to survive.

During the summer season, the Giant Pandas can climb up the

trees as high as 13,000 ft. They also have a sense of smell to avoid other male pandas and to attract females during mating season.

All of these facts were really interesting to me and hopefully to you about how long do they live, what is their natural habitat, and if they can eat more than one thing.

The Martian

Are you interested in survival movies? The Martian is about an astronaut that gets left behind on Mars. Matt Damon stars as Mark Watney, the astronaut that gets left behind by his crew. Melissa Lewis is the captain of their mission on Mars. As the story goes on, the events on Mars get very interesting. But Mark Watney managed to grow his own food on Mars, since he is a botanist. My opinion of The Martian is that I love when my heart races on parts where it gets intense, and I like it when a movie like The Martian does something like that because that tells me that they did a very good job making this movie. Their way of showing Mars on computers are just amazing. You can sometimes feel that they actually filmed it on Mars even though they didn’t. Be sure to watch The Martian sometime and rate if it was Good or Bad.

This movie came out October 2, 2015. It’s also rated PG-13, not for children under 12 or 13. The main characters are Matt Damon as Mark Watney and, Jessica Chastain as Melissa Lewis. These are some of the minor characters. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Vincent Kapoor, and Geoffrey Thomas as the U.S President.
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