Dyrell Smith 02-19-16 8th hour

Mr Electric ( you heard electricity so just get the sleeve)

About The Company

The company is being ran by Dyrell Smith and Jaheim Wise. The company has 500 employees. This company is located Chicago Illinois.The reason why it's located in Chicago is because that's 80% of the people who work there are from there.Also Big is great big city and known for a lot of things.

History of the company

This company was put together in the year of 1990. It was put together by a group of friends and a idea.The way this item became so big is because of group of people. We had made this object then we went to the the basketball court.We let some players use it and now they loved and they wanted more of them.

Pricing on The sleeve

The price of this item costs $50. But there is a deal currently right now it's 50% off. Yes, You can buy this item at anytime you want. This company only takes cash no credit or Debit. You can buy this item at any local Walmart, target, Sports Authority and just about any local shopping place.

Data on the electric sleeve

Stephen Curry even uses this product. Just about 80% of the NFL loves this new inventions. About 75% percent of the NBA and ordinary basketball uses the New Sleeve. We have tried this new product on many different people. They loved so come on buy this new item and you might love it to.

The National Pride

This sleeve helps the country by helping and encouraging you to exercise. The U.S is just about for being the Fattest country. This will encourage you to exercise and try to have everybody athletic in their own way. I believe this whole thing is nationalism because were taking pride and were being loyal to selling this product. Were not picking one part of our country we want everybody to know about the electric sleeve.

Is it Guarantee or Warrantee?

Well you're probably asking right now what if it breaks?. Well there is a 30 day warrantee on this product. You can only turn it in then if it's broken. If it cannot be repaired you will be able to get all your money back. Once again please come down and get this item because everybody so far has loved it. We believe that you're gonna love it to and remember located in all local shopping stores.


Column A:

Robert Fulton: He was a engineer also creator of the Steamboat.

Samuel F.B Morse: He was an artist also an Inventor he painted portraits.

Samuel Slater:He was known for being the father of the industrial revolution and also father of the American Factory system.

Lowell Mills:They were females working for textile corporations.

Column C:

Nationalism: Taking pride and loyalty for the whole country or nation.

Sectionalism: taking pride and loyalty for a certain part of the country.

Henry Clay: he was a former U.S Senate and served in the house of representatives.

James Monroe;He was our last president of the founding fathers also our fifth president of the U.S.

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Mr Electric invention