All About Zavion

What We Love Most About Zay

Zavion is a very kind, social and playful little boy. We love how much he cares about others and how he tries to always be kind to others. We love spending time with Zavion, watching him dance around the house while trying to entertain his sister and make us laugh. We love watching him play sports and enjoy watching him grow as a person each day. Zavion tries to help others when possible and he loves to help animals also.

What We Have Enjoyed Doing Most with Zavion

There are many things we have enjoyed doing together. Here are just a few

1-We have been on two cruises. During those times we went on an air boat ride to see alligators, visited the rain forest, drove a sun powered car, swam with big sea turtles and ate lots of ice cream.

2-We have enjoyed staying at The Great Wolf Lodge. Zavion loves the water and water slides.

3-We have enjoyed going to shows together. We have seen all kinds of live shows. We enjoy the Wringling Brothers Circus every year- its a tradition and we have gone EVERY year since Zavion was about 5 months old.

4-Zavion loves watching WipeOut and mom loves watching it with him and watching him laugh like crazy at the contestents.

5-Zavion loves to play video games and dad enjoyes playing with him as long as it is not for too long.

6-Ava loves to chase Zavion around and she enjoyes yelling his name. He is the best big brother.

Zavion, we are all very proud of the person you are and we hope you continue to grow more and more each day. You are kind, smart, funny, athletic and loved by so many. Remember to always be your best and to always do your best. We love you!


Mom, Dad and Ava