2nd Grade Superstars!

Mrs. Swenson - Week of November 16, 2015


Monday -Math 5-5 & Read 10 min.
Tuesday - Math 5-6 & Read 10 min
Wednesday - Test Review & Read 10 min.
Thursday - First in Math, Spelling worksheet (quiz tomorrow) & Read 10 min.
Friday - No homework

What's New This Week?

Language Arts

Our main story selection this week is titled Jellies, and this is an informational text. In Lesson 10 our Essential Question is “How do you know if something is a fact or an opinion?” Target skills are fact & opinion, base words and suffixes -er, -est, and contractions.

In writing we will continue learning how to write to inform with instructions by writing a "How To" paper independently.

Words of the Week List #9

Spelling Journeys Lesson #9

I'm don't isn't can't we'll it's I've didn't you're that's

wasn't you've us them

Challenge: they're wouldn't

Test on Friday 11/13

The spelling concept this week is contractions, and can be very ticky remembering where to place the apostrophe! Remind your child to visit Spelling City as a fun way to practice spelling our weekly word list: http://www.spellingcity.com/Sswenson/



We will finish topic 5 on MONEY this week. Money can be challenging. It is most helpful to practice counting money in everyday experiences, such as paying for something at a store.

** If your child has any difficulty with the homework, it would be helpful to go on the Pearson website for review of the lesson. Once logged in, go to the upper right “TO DO” and your child can go through the exact lesson from the day. The username and password can be found in your child's homework book.


Keep up with the great work on the First in Math website. This is a wonderful activity to help strengthen your child's math skills on different levels. www.firstinmath.com

Congratulations Liam, our First in Math "Player of the Week"!

What to Ask Your Child...

What fingerprint activity did you do and why?

What character traits does Bear and Brown Squirrel have?

What is the difference between fact and opinion?

What does it mean to be proactive vs. reactive?

What are different ways to make $1.00?

Visit the Rolling Hills Home & School Association website for announcements and information http://www.rhhsa.org/

Thank you to those families that have already sent in their Boxtop sheet! These collection sheets have 25 boxes on them for you to glue or tape your Box Tops on. Can you be a Box Top Detective and find all of them in your house? They are on everything from canned goods to tissue boxes, granola bars to frozen peas. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents for our school. Individually, it doesn't sound like a lot but they add up quickly and are used to help pay for activities such as school assemblies, holiday parties, and special events!

Thanks for your support!


Your 2nd grade child will not be receiving a report card this first marking period (same as kindergarten and first grade years). I am looking forward to seeing you at our conferences next week to talk about your child's academic and social progress as well as future goals. You wil be receiving an email reminder from Sign Up Genius regarding your conference date and time. You may also visit this link to check your date and time as well:


Important Dates

11/15 - Happy Birthday Maja!

11/20 - Happy Birthday Liam!

11/23 - 11/24 - 12:15 Early Dismissal (11/23 afternoon/evening conferences & 11/24 afternoon conferences)
11/25-11/27 No School (11/25 morning conferences)