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Weeks 17 & 18

A Note From Ms. Salazar...

Hello! The kiddos have been working very diligently to bring you the latest and greatest from 3S. Just a couple pieces of information from me:

Battle of the Books & Noontime Enrichment Reminders

We have both schedules posted in the classroom, next to the door, but many third graders still need a reminder of when they will have their meetings. I do my best of announcing each day but a reminder from home in the morning is also helpful!

Book Fair

3S will visit the Book Fair on 2/11 from 10:45-11:15. If you would like to send in money for your child to purchase books, please feel free to do so. Another option is for you to visit the Book Fair during After School hours with your child. There is no pressure at all to purchase any books!

On Monday 2/1: Bring in pennies

On Tuesday 2/2: Bring in nickels

On Wednesday 2/3: Bring in dimes

On Thursday 2/4: Bring in quarters

On Friday 2/5: Bring in any spare change

Souper Bowl

The Student Council has thought up a creative way to do a food drive. Instead of just collecting food, students who bring in a canned good get to vote for the team they think will win this year's Superbowl. Although the name implies SOUP only, the Student Council will be accepting any type of canned good. Multiple cans/votes are allowed! To show support of this project whether donating or not, students can wear their favorite jersey or team colors on Friday, Feb. 15th. All food will be donated to a local food bank.

Scholastic Book Orders

I will be submitting the order on Wednesday morning so please feel free to submit online orders or send in paper orders through Tuesday. If you order online, our class code is H88FL. All orders help us earn points that can be redeemed for our classroom and online orders automatically qualify us for a free book! Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Valentine's Day

Our class party will be held on Friday 2/12. Please contact Mrs. Ruffolo to donate something for the party or to volunteer your time to help out! mclaugka@comcast.net

Typing Agent

All students are required to practice typing on Typing Agent for 20 minutes per week outside of school. Weeks run Monday-Sunday and I check the time logged each Monday morning. Please let me know if your child is experiencing any difficulty logging on at home. Thank you in advance for your support and help in reminding your child to log on.

PARCC Testing Dates

PARCC Testing for Grades 3-5 will take place April 18-26. Please make every effort to have your child in school during testing. Make Up testing will occur April 27-May 5.

Book Worm

If your child is interested in having their very own book published, please check out this year's BOOKWORM forms. (See below) and contact Laurie Verderame at freeme64@verizon.net or Diana Ellery at dellery@comcast.net with any questions

Important Upcoming Dates

2/1 Book Fair Spare Change Drive Begins

2/8 Interim Reports in Genesis, Grades 1-5 3:30 PM

2/9-2/11 Scholastic Book Fair

2/11 Book Fair Family Night 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

2/12 Valentine Day Parties 2:00 PM

2/15 Presidents’ Day – No School

2/16 No School For Students-Teacher Professional Development

2/18 PTA Meeting 8:30 AM, Library

2/18 Community Meeting 1:45 PM

2/19 Spaghetti Bingo 6:00 PM

2/25 Salad Bar Lunch

2/26 School Store 11:50 AM – 12:40 PM

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Perseverance Award Winner!

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Community Meeting


By Lila, Sammy, and Enya

Goggles? Check.

Mixtures? Check.

Toothpicks? Check.

Pencil? Check.

Now we are ready for science!

These past two weeks in science we have been doing experiments with our mystery powders. Before we do each test we use what we have learned to make predictions. Last week we mixed our mystery powders with water. This made a mixture. Then we tried to separate the mixtures. We poured the mixtures through a filter and we found out that some of them were able to be separated by the filter. But some of them weren't so we left them on the window sill for the weekend to see if they would evaporate. When we got back it worked! The mystery powders were in the dishes but some of them looked a little different. Check out the picture above to see our petri dishes after evaporation!

We also did a vinegar test. We had a dropper and had to drop 6 drops of vinegar into each mystery powder. One of them fizzed and bubbled. One got sticky and one of them the vinegar just rolled off and created a big vinegar ball. We are going to use all of our tests to figure out what our mystery powders are.

We hope you learned a lot about chemistry!

Making sure the water line is level with the 10mL line

Trying to use filters to separate mixtures

Observing petri dishes after evaporation


By Steven, Luke, and Courtney

Do you like math? Well 3S does! We are going to talk about fractions, yo!

For fractions you need to know what the numerator (top number) and denominator (bottom number) are. The denominator tells you how many equal parts the whole is divided into. The numerator tells you how many of those equal parts we are looking at/naming.

We made fraction pizzas this week to practice our fraction skills. First we had to fold a circle into eighths or sixteenths. Then we put toppings on the slices and we had to name each topping as a fraction of the whole pizza. Some of the toppings were mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, Hawaiian, peppers, sausage, cheese, and white.

We also learned about fractions of a set. A fraction of a set is when you divide a set or group of something into equal parts. Say there are 10 apples. You could figure out how many 1/2 of those apples would be. Half of 10 would = 5 apples. We learned a trick here in Three Salazar. You can use division and multiplication to help you out. So if you divide 10 apples into 2 equal groups (half = 2 groups) each group has 5 in it. That's fractions of a set!

Finally, we are going to tell you about fractions on a number line. A number line is the whole thing and it goes from 0 to 1. A fraction on a number line is when you divide that whole into equal parts. You need to count the parts to know what the denominator will be. We count the jumps between lines. Then you count how many jumps it takes to get to the 1 whole. That's your denominator. I hope you enjoyed learning about math!

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Read About Reading!

By Aviva & Alex

Do you like reading aobut reading? Well then it's your lucky day!

This week we learned about idioms. For example, if you say "Cat's got your tongue" it doesn't LITERALLY mean a cat has got your tongue. It's figurative language and what it really means is it's hard to say something or you're not talking.

We also read books about all different types of fairs: art fairs, science fairs, etc. We learned that the most fun part of books is reading them!

Have you ever wondered what would come next in a book? Well we also learned a solution. We can write it ourselves! We learned how to use a story map to keep track of the important details from the text. Then plan out what the next scene or chapter might be about. We made sure to include the same characters and setting, but have new things happen that would make sense. Then we filled it up with our own ideas!

PS: I think cats are nice neought to not go on your tongue.

Writer's Workshop

By Liam, Robert, and Ryan

What is your expert topic? In 3S we're writing informational books about things we are experts at. Common things people are writing ab out are: basketball, football, and Star Wars. Ms. Salazar is teaching us how to link chapters and paragraphs. We are also learning how putting things in a logical sequence makes our chapters stronger. We learned that all of your chapters should be almost equal in length and should be equal in importance. So, for example, chapter 1 shouldn't be huge and then have chapter 2 be really short.

In our books we learned how to start with an idea and then back it up with facts so that our books aren't just fact, fact, fact, fact, fact, and really boring. You also need to use expert words so the readers know you're an expert and can explain your expert words in case the readers don't know what they mean.

Well that's all for this week folks. Check your email every week to tune in for more class information!

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