Daily Memo - April 4-9

Building Successful Futures - Every Student, Every Day

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Thursday - April 7

Next Tech Tuesday - Ed will be showing off his Showbie Sense next Tuesday from 7:20-7:40 in the library. This will be for anyone who is interested in learning about what Showbie can do and is for beginner Showbie users. We will also have a session in the afternoon! There will be donuts provided at the morning meeting and candy bars at the afternoon meeting! Also if you attend the next three tech sessions there's a special incentive in it for you!

Message from Lynne Ball - National Student Leadership Week is April 17-23. Each advisor and/or coach was asked to hang a sign/poster with their student leaders listed so that they would receive recognition. Please send your poster to Lynne so she can hang them up.

Office Schedules

Bryon - 10 WorkForce Development, 1 Principals PLC, 3 Track Meet

David - 1 Principals PLC, 3 Track Meeting

Lindsey - 9 Student Teacher Eval, 12 WorkForce Development, 1 Principals PLC, 4 Negotiations, 5 Track Meet


B. Corey

C. Harris

M. Underwood

E. Crouse

Wednesday - April 6

A reminder for Friday, teachers please make sure you have a copy of Focus by Mike Schmoker. It's a darker yellow book. I have two more copies of the book if you never received one. I will also make copies of chapter 3 if we run out. We will be doing a jigsaw activity with the chapter in the morning.

Office Schedules


8:30 - Susan, 4 College Class

David - 9 G. Ross

Lindsey - 8:30 Student Teacher Eval, 12 Student Teacher Eval


ISS - L. Stone

D. Hopson - J. Funk

L. Hanzel - K. Vanderweide

M. Swenson

Tuesday - April 5

Just a quick reminder that next week starts our testing week. Please talk to your Advisory's every day this week so they are not surprised when we go to a different schedule on Monday. Also Tuesday and Thursday during Redmen Time, we will have different activities. Next Tuesday the seniors will be out most of Redmen Time. Half of them will be having their iPads evaluated and the other half will be with KAIR giving their senior salute. Then they will switch places. If you really need any of the seniors on Tuesday give me a heads up and we can do their iPad eval at a different time.

Office Schedules

Bryon - 10 Lunch of Champions

David - 11:30 Lunch of Champions, 3 Softball

Lindsey - 11:30 Lunch of Champions


J. Meudt - L. Schrick

M. Swenson

C. Harris - PM

ISS - L. Stone

M. Jansen - J. Funk

M. Underwood

Monday - April 4

Happy Monday! We have a 4 day kid week and a PD Day on Friday! We will be using a chapter out of the book Focus by Mike Schmoker for the morning part of our PD. If you don't have this book please let me know and I will put one in your mailbox! Everyone who was here last year should have a copy!

Lunch of Champions is tomorrow and we have a Board Meeting tonight at the high school! We also have our PLC's this week.

Redmen Time Form


Office Schedules

Bryon and David - Nothing at this time

Lindsey - 9:30 Para Meeting, 12:30 Student Teacher Observation


M. Underwood

C. Hanzel - PM

J. Coco

J. Meudt

M. Swenson