Service Learning Monthly News

July 2014

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to send out an update on what I've been working on in regards to Service Training for the month of July.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Meeting with Service Managers: Thursday, July 3rd @3PM

  • Kim Keating, Frank Piontek, Anastasia Flynn and Marcus King in attendance.
  • Discussed upcoming projects and goals for Service Learning
  • Asked for each manager to identify a Training Specialist for their team
  • Talked about post-wms cross training structure

Service Trainer TB: July 8th @9AM

  • Kim Keating for Returns, Anastasia Flynn for Inventory, John Smearman for Shipping, Myra McNeill for Care in attendance.
  • Discussed WMS team training--- all Managers have their schedule in place.
  • Discussed Training Specialist identification. Brought up that not backfilling for open training positions, how does that fit into training plan.
  • Cancelled next weeks meeting, (July 15th @9AM) until more info on training positions can be identified.

Cross Training

  • Discussed pulling some members of Returns and Shipping to train with Receiving on HighJump. Will provide some assistance during Receivings peak, which happens right around WMS go live.
  • UPDATE: Sales, Holidays, and WMS training got us a bit backlogged, so we tabled this until after WMS go live. Plus Receiving Peak will come closer to September this year.

Meeting with Jim and Audrey- July 11th

Meeting between Jim Mason, Audrey Griffith, and Myra McNeill about current Expectations for Service Training, and upcoming Cross Training


  • Training will be managed by Department Managers, but led by Leads or specific hourly workers.
  • Jim prefers if Leads take the role.
  • No more "trainer specific" roles in Service Team departments.
  • This has been messaged to Managers
  • Still can reach out and ask for a training rep from each of their teams.

Manual Development

  • Eventually -- have all Service Team Training manuals branded
  • Content from the Training rep for each team and the Manager
  • Structure from Myra

Cross Training

  • Eventually develop a three tiered system
  • Intradepartmental Cross Training would also be beneficial in the future.
  • Having the numbers needed for peak will help finalize the program. Will meet with OSE team to discuss.

Meeting with OSE Team July 18th.

  • Mark Regan, Rachel Tarquinio, Myra McNeill
  • Discussed labor forecast for department peaks
  • Numbers not available yet, Mark/Rachel will reach back out once they are.
  • Time studies will need to be done post WMS to update metrics
  • Receiving team has a plan in place to account for their holiday and temp hires.
  • Myra will shadow with Rachel at some point, provide insight into entire service department.

In Progress

WMS Cross Training Format/Schedule

Original Format Found here.

  • Sent to Managers for Feedback
  • Takes into account time frame for specific function trainings
  • Schedule (days of week training will be available)

Still to come

  • How Associates will be chosen to participate
  • How we will track participation
  • Metrics we will use as benchmark for cross trained team members
  • How we will plan for team member skill retention, once cross trained.

Identification of Department Training Reps

Accounting for:

  • We are not Backfilling for open training positions
  • Training will be led by Leads or specified department associates.
  • Defining role differently: Perhaps Learning or Training Representative. May need to write up a role description.
  • Defining the amount of time each rep would need to devote to upcoming projects for successful completion.
  • Role of WMS implementation and team training within process, in terms of time and resources.

Next Up

Meeting with Rachel Tarquinio/OSE

  • August 1, 2014
  • Set up a touchbase to talk about FC roles, metrics, etc...

Train the Trainer

  • Post Identification of training reps for each department
  • Post WMS training
  • Using the document processing (for WMS implementation) create a standardized training process.
  • Provides a solid start for new service trainers
  • Structure the onboarding procedure for new associates.

To do

  • Meet with HR and Managers to discuss the onboarding structure for their teams, (do they all participate in the Monday Orientation provided by HR? What does that cover, etc...)
  • Get a final list of the training reps for each department. Reach out via email, and set up a TB.

Completion of Cross Training Schedule and Implementation Plan

  • Post WMS go live
  • In time, for Department Peaks, without interfering with Holiday Hiring
  • Post Cross Training Schedule that allows participants to use their Cross Training skills on a regular basis.
  • Creation of Expectations for Cross Training Participants. (Metrics to meet, Who will track their progress, Who is responsible for them when they are in a different department)
  • How are we managing the progress of people involved in Cross Training--- and charting their progress.
  • ....and more.