Italiain Immigrants

By: Byron Hailey


Italian Immigrants came to the U.S in 1870. At that time, the immigration period was called the ¨New Immigration¨, & also the 3rd largest period of immigration to come the United States. In 1900 the immigration period got so popular by 1915 there were a count of 3 million Italians that immigrated to the United States.
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So how in World did they get here!?

The Immigrants sailed Atlantic Sea, leaving their children & families behind in Europe, not knowing they would never return home. The Italians had been given a named called ¨The Birds Of Passage¨. The Italians were traveling the Atlantic Sea from (1870-1920).

¨Bisogna saper afferrare l'occasione pei capelli.¨-Opportunity only knocks once..

The artisans and peasants were from all around Italy. It was getting insufficient so they wanted change; there were no jobs, the birth rates were increasing population numbers, the death rates were also increasing, natural disasters were occurring then too. The men were looking for a job, to provide a little bit more better for their families. So they came here to get better jobs & also more opportunities.

Did the Americans welcome them with open arms?

When the Italians entered America was a little bitter at that moment. The economic-caused hostility came from Italian immigrants being called “strikebreakers” and “wage cutters” from 1870 till the present time in the early 20th century. American workers didnt like that the brand new machines could interest and attract to multiple ethnicities. Prejudices were especially aimed at Southern Italians who were called ¨scabs¨ while participating in strikes in construction, railroad, mining, and industry. Southern Italian workers were called names like “guineas” or “dagoes” . Working to work at the same rate as African Americans. Now the Americans adore the Italian Cultures mostly the cuisine, the entertainment people actually gave them a chance & they impacted our country greatly very quickly.
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Laws & Traditions

The laws they had was ¨Foreign-born in US were 15% of population in the northeast & more coming from southern and eastern Europe called the ¨new immigrants¨ than northern and western immigrants called the ¨old immigrants¨, that was established in 1890.



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