Green DeWitt

By:Jonathan Song and Fernando Cornejo

About Green DeWitt

He was denied by texas after he got support from Stephen F. Austin,and influential empesario he was granted in 1825.He had permission to settle 400 respectable catholic families to Guadalupe river and the San Marcos river.When they arrived the first settlers arrived in summer of 1825.He was married to Sarah Seely of Saint Louis. He also fought in the battle of 1812 rising to a Captain then was promoted to a sheriff of Ralls county Missouri.Green De Witt's settlement was in a small city called DeWitt which was named after him.

Why He Wanted To Settle

Why Green DeWitt wanted to settle

He wanted to settle in 1822 but settled in 1825 with the help of Stephen F. Austin.Green DeWitt Settled because he was inspired to settle by a Settler named Moses Austin's Success in getting a grant from spanish government to settle in Texas

Problems DeWitt had

The problems that DeWitt had were influential to his settlement.A problem that he had was when he requested to settle the spanish government refused to let him settle,in Texas.The problems that he had with the settlers that he was with is he only had 400 people to travel with.The economic problems were a very little concern.The landscape was dry but there were many rivers that he had to cross.Problems he had with completion is he was acused for misappropriated funds on the trip.

Success or failure

He had a success with the settlement that he had.He made it to the location that he wanted and the city was named after him a couple of years later.

Problems with the land

Green DeWitt didn't have much problems while he was settling he had to cross a couple of rivers.He didn't cross any other land forms besides rivers.He had no problems with the native americans because he made peace with the native american tribes in that area.