AEA Strongsville Weekly Update

Week of January 7, 2020

From the Principal's Desk

A Note Regarding the Events of 1/6/2021

Dear Albert Einstein Academy Strongsville Community,

My original message for this weekly newsletter included only the notes after this message, but given the events that occurred in our nation's capital yesterday I felt it necessary to add a few items. My head is still spinning from yesterday's events in Washington D. C. I do know a few items need to be addressed: How can we use this as a teachable moment for our kids? How can we support our kids in their emotions?

As I try to think of an event comparable to this, I don't have anything I can recall as an educator. I can imagine the thoughts running through the minds of educators on the day of and the day after September 11, 2001. Processing national events together is an important function of community, even when we are spread so far apart in the days of COVID.

I wanted to share some resources to help guide conversations if you so choose. An article I drew a lot of information from as a principal can be read here and WKYC News had an interview story as well, featuring a local child psychologist with some tips and ideas.

We have navigated so much this school year, and many things we did not anticipate. I am so glad to be your principal. Should you need to talk further or would like additional support in talking to kids about difficult subjects, please reach out to me.

Thank you for all you do,

Emery L. Boyle-Scott, MBA

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Principal, Strongsville Academic Center

Phone (440)471-4982 Fax (440)617-6809

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Half Way to the End of the (School) Year

Parents please check grades this weekend and ask questions now, late work and extensions can only be granted through the end of the 2nd Quarter. Please let us know if there are any special circumstances you're working with. January 15th is the final day for Quarter 2.

Return to Campus

See below for Return to Campus information for our 2nd Semester starting January 19th, 2021. We are continuing to plan for a return to in-person instruction on Tuesday, January 19th, the start of the 2nd semester.


Students need to have their cameras on and be seen to be counted as attending their classes. If a student has a tech problem with their camera please call the main office to report it.

Connecting for Kids Newsletter

Please click HERE for the latest Connecting for Kids Newsletter. There are lots of amazing opportunities for adults to connect with other adults, students to connect with their guardians and workshops to build new skills!

Sports Fans Rejoice

In honor of our teams, the Browns and the Buckeyes, doing so well let's spread some cheer!
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Return to In-Person Learning: 2nd Semester Learning Plan

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If you're interested in attending the AEA Virtual Academy for the 2nd semester of the 2020/2021 school year, please submit your form to today!

School Photos are In!

School pictures have arrived. If you have already ordered pictures, please come pick them up! They will be available at the school from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. school days. We have arranged for a no-contact pickup. Photos are in the blue plastic box in a folder a sealed envelope organized by class. Please come pick up your photos!

Upcoming Dates

January 15th - End of Quarter 2 / Semester 1

January 18th - No School | Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 29th - No School | Professional Development Day for Staff

Virtual Learning Reminders

Attendance is mandatory

Please sign in daily for your classes. Should you need to be absent, contact your teacher, Mrs. Brockman ( or 440-471-4982 x1700) and let us know. Be sure your camera is on and you are visible to be counted as "present".

Cameras on

Be sure to have your camera on. If a student's camera is not on then they will be marked absent. If their camera does not work then please notify the main office ASAP.

Mute your mic

Leave your microphone on mute unless called on. Please be polite to your fellow classmates and leave your microphone on mute unless called upon. This will limit background noise for all!


Be sure to use a pair of headphones with a microphone (headset) for class. Use headphones with a microphone when possible to make it easier to hear and be heard.