by Evan Angler

"The nurse led Logan through a labyrinth of hallways and stairways and elevators, and he tried to count the turns. Left, right, straight, left, left, right, up, right, elevator - thirteenth floor, straight, left, right... but he couldn't keep track. It turned out his visit to the Center across the street, with Erin's dad after Dane's concert, was just a preview. He'd never walked so deep into a building so big and so swallowing."


This book is set in a town called Spokie in the future.


The two main characters in the novel are Logan and Erin. There are also many supporting characters like Logan's parents, Erin's dad, and a group called 'the dust' along with many more.

What is Swipe about?

Swipe is about a paranoid boy, Logan, who thinks he's been getting spied on ever since his sister didn't come back from the pledge. When the new girl, Erin, moves in everything changes. Logan chases after the person that is spying on him with Erin and gets in a lot of trouble. He ends up doing something both him and Erin never expected.


The conflict in this novel is man vs. self for both Logan and Erin. Logan is deciding if he wants the mark and Erin is deciding whether she's helping Logan for her benefit of getting her family back together or if she genuinely likes Logan to where she likes to spend time with him.


The theme of Swipe is good vs. evil because Logan is battling people who are presumed to be evil with people who are presumed to be good.

Rating/ Who would like this:

I would rate this book an eight or nine stars out of ten. This book would appeal to boys and girls that like reading about things in the future with adventure.