Technical Theater Final Review

by Luke Conlon

Set Design

Set Design 1

Set design is a very important part of the theater process. The set is made to strengthen the rest of the play. The set should give the audience a visual representation of the actions that oocur in the play. There is a set designer that meets with the director and producer and discusses what the set should look like. They create stage floor plans and stage elevation drawings based on how they believe the set should look. Once a set design has been decided on the designer creates a color rendering that will be used to create the set for the play. There are many pieces that go into a set; There are flats, unit sets, permanent sets, set pieces and more.

Elements and Principles 1

The elements and principles of design are the building blocks to creating all other design elements in a play. The elements of design are the things that make up a work of are and the principles are the ways the elements can be used. The elements and principles are used in every aspect from set deign to lighting design. The elements of design are line, shape, form, color, texture and space. The principles are pattern, contrast, emphasis, balance, proportion, harmony, rhythm.

Lighting Design

Lighting 1

Lighting is used to highlight the set and actors. Lighting can also set the mood for the play and make the audience feel a certain way. There are many different lights that have different function and are used in different ways. There is a light designer who is in charge of deciding when the lights change and what lights should be on and what colors should be used to make the audience see the play in a different light. There are many other people involved in the lighting process, such as the lighting technician who controls the lighting board and changes the lights on the cues decided by the designer. There are also lighting functions and qualities which are visibility, reality vs. stylism, composition, mood, color direction, intensity, texture and movement.

Sound Design

Sound 1

Sound design is important because it emphasizes certain actions in a play and is used to amplify the actors voices. There is a sound designer who has a team of people who creates sounds to be used in the play, they also are in charge of the sound cues. They work with the director to make sure sound effects line up with actions in the play. The equipment in sound design are mics, mixers and any object that can be used to make a desired sound.

Makeup and Costume

Makeup and Costume 1

Makeup and costume are used to make an actor look a certain way and give them the appearance of the character they are playing. Makeup can be used to make a person look older or like a different species and costume goes along with makeup to build on these changes. There is a costume designer who is in charge of making the actors look like the characters in the play.