For the visitors of Pipestone

By: Luke Ploeger

Things to do and places to go

There's the national monument a great landmark,Casey Jones trail,If you're looking to camp here we have great campgrounds,You don't have to worry about crime because Pipestone is safe!If you're looking to eat here's some great places you probably have not herd of Dari King famous for ice cream,Langs where just everything is good,calumet were I personally like there burgers,And of course Dars who has amazing pizza.There is also a variety of hotels that will serve you we'll!

The neighborhood of Pipestone

How fun Pipestone really is!

The people in Pipestone are so very nice and fun.The community is a nice place to be around.We also have grocery stores,gas stations,and hotels.And the workers all here will serve you we'll.If you come to Pipestone for a vacation there's no doubt in my mind that you won't like 100% sure that Pipestone is friendly and right to whoever comes by.

Pipestone Arrow Marching Band - Festival of Bands 1995 (Parade)

There are lots of festivals in Pipestone to.And in this one the Pipestone Arrows marching band is playing

Pipestone is a place to relax and have fun at,what more could you want!If you're looking to have fun discover good places to eat Pipestone is the place for you!

Pipestone, mn

Here's a fun thing we also do!

Todd Boulman

Todd Boulman the NFL player lives here in Pipestone!He played for several teams as a QB naming Vikings,Jaguars,Saints,Packers,and Baltimore.

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