Feed, pages 173-189

Brian Pawlowski 4/16/14

Brief Summary

so much to do

- Violet and Titus arrive home, Violet says there is a lot she still wants to do.

- She feels she is running out of time, she is fearful.

- Violet joins Titus and his mother for dinner, and his mother said she was a great girl.

- Titus then dropped her off at home.


- Titus and Violet go to the beach, but not in the water.

- Violet explains how the malfunctions are getting worse and Titus is flustered by that.

- Titus says "I really like you" (Anderson 181).

limbo and prayer

- Calista has a new fake lesion. Quendy thinks it's stupid.

- Titus chats Violet to tell her and they talk about Link briefly.

- Link is a clone of Abraham Lincoln.

- Violet agrees to go to the party with Titus.

Literary Lenses


- "Calista got it done yesterday. Quendy made this face. Now that lesions are 'brag'. Now that they're the spit" (Anderson 183).

- The advertisements about sex tips for girls and advice from Lady o' Love (Anderson 189).


- Characters rarely ever actually talking. It has been happening throughout the whole book, and just shows how second nature the feed is to them.

- Violet uses her feed to communicate with Titus that her feed is falling apart (Anderson 180).

- This plays into the essential question about how technology changes communication.

- "Consider: The United States has been instrumental in the overthrow of truly genocidal dictatorships. We dole out billions of dollars each year in foreign aid. We support failing economies... We are trying to do what is right" (Anderson 189).

- US had just entered war in Afghanistan. Anderson, although young, was alive during Vietnam.

- Government trying to make population happy by aiding those abroad instead of domestically.


Do Titus’s actions (and non-actions) in relation to Violet strike you as unrealistic? How does Titus’s concept of love differ from Violet’s? Does Titus love her?