By Nate Ferfecki

Why I chose this career

I chose this because my family are all farmers and someday I want to take over the family farm.I do enjoy being with animals and starting them from little babies to an adult.I also love starting with something small and ending up with something amazing.

Experience/Skills needed:

Need to know how to fix things.You also need to know a good working knowledge of animals, crops, the environment and the seasons.

Education needed to obtain this career:

You don't need any schooling but it is recommended [short course].But most farmers get knowledge from other farmers.

What branch of science most of this career fall under?

Earth because you work with nature all day long. Every thing depens on the weather if the rain comes you got a crop but if not you are out of luck.


Milking cows

Something you found interesting about the career

Something I found intresting was that without farmers there would no food.Also that the people that farm are one of the most hardworking people you will ever meet.


Hope you enjoyed it!!!!