Are bananas dangerous.

Are they bad?

Whats in them?

Bananas are a healthy food, but it is possible to eat too many and suffer negative effects.They could get you sick or even worse bananas could have bad or good ingredients you just have to make sure that you have a good banana.This is whats inside a bad banana.

The bad stuff.

Whats is the bad stuff?

The bad stuff in a banana Here is a paragraph: Banana peel inside is natural. Chemicals advertised man made products are ones you should avoid. There are many people making their own and selling them to markets they could put bad chemicals or a razor blade and regular made ones are also bad because the employees could put bad stuff in it to. A farmer could put bug chemicals on them to and the chemicals could kill you so next time you see a banana be careful.

By the giant spider.

This is about how a banana could kill you.