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First Grade Face to Face Newsletter

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Half Day Friday April 16th

Friday April 16th will be a half day. We will be sending home a packet for the afternoon which will be considered asynchronous learning.


As the end of the year approaches, we have a handful of fun activities set in place. These will begin Thursday April 22nd. Please check the countdown so your child is prepared for all the upcoming, fun!

ABC End of Year Countdown!

Thurs 4/22 A = Arts and Crafts

Fri 4/23 B = Board Games (Bring in a game to play)

Mon 4/26 C = Crazy Socks

Tues 4/27 D = Dance Party

Wed 4/28 E = Electronic Day - extra free time on iPad!

Thurs 4/29 F = Favorite Book & Flashlight Day (bring in your favorite

book & flashlight to read around the room)

Fri 4/30 G = Gum Day

Mon 5/3 H = Hat Day (wear a hat)

Tues 5/4 I = Inside out day (Wear your shirt inside out)

Wed 5/5 J = Joke of the Day (bring a joke to share)

Thurs ⅚ K = Kindness day (kindness craft)

Fri 5/7 L = Letter Day (write a thank you note)

Mon 5/10 M = Movie Day (watch a movie at the end of the day) or

Music Day (listen to music throughout the day)

Tues 5/11 N = Nickname Day (choose a new name, make a nametag)

Wed 5/12 O = Outside Day (do a lesson, read books or snack outside)

Thurs 5/13 P = Pajama Day (wear your PJs to school!)

Fri 5/14 Q = Quiz Day - do fun Kahoot/Quizizz Games

Mon 5/17 R = Recess - Extra recess day

Tues 5/18 S = Shoes Off Day

Wed 5/19 T = Teddy Bear Day (bring in a stuffed animal)

Thurs 5/20 U = Uniform Day (wear a favorite sports team)

Fri 5/21 V = Visit Other Classrooms Day (Rotate first grade rooms!)

Mon 5/24 W = Walt Disney Day (watch a disney movie)

Tues 5/25 X = Xtra Celebration Day (EOY Party)

Wed 5/26 Y = Year End Cleaning Day (Clean and organize the room.)

Thurs 5/27 Z = Zero More Days of School - Zip Up & Zoom Out!

Bring a Picture of Mom!

Hi there! We have a fun activity coming up. Please have your child bring in a picture of them with either their mom or motherly role model by Monday April 26th ! Thank you for your help in this!

Thank a Teacher!

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week of May. Please consider submitting a note of appreciation for them. You can submit more than one if you choose.

Thank a Teacher Form

Class Placements

We invite your input as we begin drafting our 2021-2022 class placements. This form will close April 30th.

2021-2022 Parent Input Form

Notes for Mrs. Johnston

Thank you so much for your support of our counselor, Mrs. Johnston, during this difficult time. There is a dropbox in the front office for cards, notes, pictures, etc. to make things easier for both the Johnston family and our school community.


Baseball is back! Join fellow Carroll families and come check out Globe Life Field on Friday, April 30. Tickets purchased through this offer will receive a custom Carroll/Rangers floppy cap!

A portion of each ticket sold will go back to the Carroll ISD WE CARE program, which focuses on employee appreciation throughout the year for their hard work and dedication to educating students.

Buy your tickets online through this website. For orders of 10+ tickets contact Jamie Roberts at

Spring Calendar Change

The Board of Trustees has approved four additional planning/professional development half days for the Spring semester for our teachers. The following dates will be half days at school.

  • February 26, 2021
  • March 12,2021
  • April 16, 2021
  • April 30, 2021

On these dates, the first half of the day will be a normal day for both in-person and DVA students, while the afternoon will now be an asynchronous learning half-day for all students, regardless of enrollment in DVA or in-person learning. Our teachers will use the afternoon half-days as planning time/professional development.

Lost and Found

Please remind your child to check out the lost and found in the cafeteria for anything that belongs to them.

Spelling Tests Every Friday

Just a friendly reminder that we will be sending spelling words home for your child to study throughout the week, starting on Mondays. They will be tested on these words on Friday of that week. We will be reviewing them at school and they will also need to be practiced at home, as well! Thank you for your help in this!

Library Reminder

Please make sure your child has their books packed in their back pack to turn in on their classes Library day.

Library Schedule by Class

Week 1:



Thursday: Turner

Friday: Miller

Week 2:

Thursday: Robinson

Friday: Williamson


What an exciting time! We have decided to start....DRAGON OF THE WEEK! This will be a Dragon that your child's teacher has picked out-someone who really went above and beyond that week to make their very best choices. When your child is chosen as Dragon of the Week, their "portfolio" will be pulled and placed in the classroom for their friends to see and celebrate them. Your child will share fun things about themselves and we will celebrate them being an outstanding Dragon!

Take Home Readers & our Restocking Process

Every week your child will bring home their readers in a bag provided by their teacher. Inside their Reader's Bag, there is a Reading Log specific to your child. Please make sure this is initialed every night when they read. These books will come to and from school every day in their bag so that they are able to read their books throughout the day during Readers Workshop. When the books are brought back Friday morning, they will be placed in a Book "Hospital," where they will be sanitized and then quarantined for seven days until they are germ free and ready to be placed back on our shelves! New books will be "shopped" for and brought home every Monday.


Please complete the state-required Weekly Wellness Screening in Skyward Family Access every Sunday before 6:00 pm. This will help make your child's Monday morning much smoother. Students who do not have this survey filled out will be screened by our nurse, which could result in a delay to the start of their school day. We might suggest adding an alarm to your phone to remind you to complete it each week. Thank you for your cooperation!


We encourage all parents/students to prepay money into their account to help lunch lines move faster and to avoid lost/forgotten lunch money.

  1. Cash/Check – can be deposited in the lunch line at the point of sale. If you choose to drop cash off, please include your child’s name and ID number. Any change from a cash payment will be deposited on the student's lunch account.
  2. Online Payment - CISD has included a parent online credit card payment system through MySchoolBucks, online or mobile app. You can make credit card payments to your student’s cafeteria account online for a convenience fee of $2.50. The system will also allow parents to view student cafeteria account balances and purchases at no charge as well as set up free, automatic, low balance email notifications and automatic payments.

Please note:

  • Money left on accounts will roll over with your student next year.
  • Transferring funds between siblings' accounts may be done any time by calling the Child Nutrition office at 817-949-8240.

Encore Rotation Schedule


Day 1- PE

Day 2- Science

Day 3-PE

Day 4-Art

Day 5-PE

Day 6-Music

Day 7-Computer Lab


Day 1-PE

Day 2-Art

Day 3-PE

Day 4-Science

Day 5-PE

Day 6-Computer Lab

Day 7-Music


Day 1-PE

Day 2-Computer Lab

Day 3-PE

Day 4-Music

Day 5-Art

Day 6-Science

Day 7-PE


Day 1-Computer Lab

Day 2-PE

Day 3-Science

Day 4-PE

Day 5-Music

Day 6-PE

Day 7-Art


Day 1-Art

Day 2-PE

Day 3-Music

Day 4-PE

Day 5-Computer Lab

Day 6-PE

Day 7-Science


1- Day 1- Music

2- Day 2- PE

3- Day 3- Computer Lab

4- Day 4- PE

5- Day 5- Science Lab

6- Day 6- Art

7- Day 7- PE


As we head into the unpredictable Texas Autumn, please keep an eye on the weather forecast. We have 2 recesses: 9:00 and 12:45. Even if the weather will be nice that day, the morning recess can still be chilly. Please bring a jacket!

No Device Policy

Remember that Carroll ISD has a no device policy for grades K-6. All devices, including smart watches, must be either left at home or kept in the student's backpack or cubby at all times. Please read here for complete information about our district policy.

Snack Time

Please note some important information regarding our snack time in the classroom:

Please only send CLEAN, EASY TO EAT snacks. These snacks are sometimes consumed while we are working, so foods that require spoons or forks can be difficult to eat. Finger foods work best.

We only have 10-15 minutes for snack, so please only send enough for your child to eat in this time frame.

We can ONLY DRINK WATER in the classroom. Yogurt drinks, protein milk, Gatorade, juice, etc. will be enjoyed during lunch time in the cafeteria.

Please make sure the snacks are HEALTHY.

JES is an allergy aware campus. This means that NO NUTS OF ANY KIND or PEANUT BUTTER may be consumed in the classroom. Please do not bring snacks that contain peanuts or nuts for snack. These snacks can be eaten in the cafeteria.


Lunch Visitors

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have outside lunch visitors this semester. Thank you for your understanding.

KJES Announcements

Want to see what goes on in our morning announcements? Check us out:

Dismissal Information

● In order to pick up students from the car line or walkers area, parents must show identification.

○ Official car signs must be displayed in the car window during pick-up time.

○ Official JES key tag must be shown with the child’s name on the back of the tag to pick up students who go home as a walker or bike rider.

○ Families without these official forms of identification must go directly to the office.

● Changes in transportation must be communicated to the front office by calling 817-949-4500 or emailing NO LATER THAN 2:00.

DO NOT contact the classroom teacher with these changes.

In the car line, please keep your child's name visible until your child is in the car.

● The cut-off time for change in transportation is 2:00 pm.

The cut-off time for early dismissal is 2:30.

Thank you for your cooperation in getting all our students home safely and efficiently.