Manatee Elementary Newsletter

January 24, 2020

Important Dates

Jan 24 - Early release 1:15 pm

Jan 28 - Walk-A-Palooza Pep Rally

Jan 31 - Kindergarten 100th Day of School Celebration; early release 1:15 pm

Feb 5 - SAC meeting 3:00 pm

Feb 6 - Walk-A-Palooza during activity time

Feb 7 - Early release 1:15 pm

Note: Feb 17 is not a student holiday. Feb 17 is now a school day (hurricane make-up day).

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Important Update for 2nd Grade

The 2nd grade performance date has been changed!!! The new date for the performance will be on Thursday, Feb. 20th beginning at 6:00 pm. Sorry for the inconvenience. A letter about the performance will be coming home soon. Thank you for your understanding!

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1. What is the Walk-a-Palooza?

The Walk-a-Palooza is a 9-day program and is this semester’s fundraiser, taking place on

February 6, 2020. Families will be getting pledges for the laps their student runs at the Fun Run. Funds

raised from this event go toward school technology and curriculum enhancements!

2. How can parents register their student(s)?

First, parents log in or sign up on FUNRUN.COM. Then, parents can register their student as a

participant on FUNRUN.COM by searching for the school by name. Students get a FREE prize just for

being registered.

3. How can students get pledges?

Parents can help connect students to sponsors by sharing their pledge link on Facebook, through email,

or even a text. Sponsors can enter and pay for those pledges online through your student’s pledge link!

4. Will my student really run 30 laps? How big is the track?

Yes, even kindergarteners! Our school track is bigger than the typical fundraiser track so students will earn a “lap” at end of the track. The average student will run 30-35 laps and will have a goal to run at least 30 laps to help their school. The most any student will be counted for is 35 laps for donations or prizes.

5. Can students receive a prize for flat donations?

Yes! All flat donations count toward pledges and are rounded by 30 (the average student will run over 30

laps). So, a $30 donation is the same as $1 per lap. A $60 donation is the same as $2 per lap, etc.

6. What if families don’t have Internet?

If a student’s family does not have Internet access, parents and families can use the Pledgebook to

record all pledges and send in the payment with the Pledgebook. If students turn their pledge and

payment into their teacher, please make sure student and teacher names are listed on the Pledgebook.

7. How do sponsors pay?

Sponsors will be prompted to pay online for all pledges, even per lap pledges. Sponsors will receive an

email after the run with the amount of their payment based on how many laps were run.

8. Can I make a pledge if I don’t want to pay online?

YES! You can either turn in the payment for a pledge listed on the Pledgebook, or you can request to turn

off online payments for your account through our help desk on FUNRUN.COM. Please make checks out to Manatee Elementary. Student who bring in checks will be credited that amount for prizes.

You are invited to cheer on your student during their activity time! Be sure to check in with the front office and get a yellow badge before making your way to the track. Parents and siblings are not permitted to walk on the track during this event, it is limited to Manatee students only.

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