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Free Educational Apps~ April 17, 2013

Downloading Apps~

Be sure to download these apps right away since they may only be free for a short time! Once you download a free app, you'll enjoy its free price FOREVER! For example, a paid app that you download today for free will remain free when you re-download it in the future, even if its price has gone back to paid. So, if you think you might ever want a particular free app, even if you don't need it right away, go ahead and download it while it's free, wait 24 hours, and then delete it from your device. You'll always own the app as FREE after that!

GREAT FREE app for communicating with Parents!

There’s a new classroom messaging app that goes beyond your typical mobile classroom app. It’s called WDWDT (stands forWhat Did We Do Today?) and is a messaging service custom-built for students, parents, teachers, and others to stay in the loop about what’s been happening in class lately. You won’t need to send home exit slips or other notifications on paper and hope for parents to see and sign them anymore. WDWDT drags that process into the digital age and lets parents stay instantly connected to what their children are doing and learning in the classroom. It works the other way too as teachers can hear from parents about potential problems, absences, concerns, questions, etc. After all, the more communication between all the parties involved, the better!

Elementary Apps

Fun & Games Apps

Productivity Apps

Secondary Apps

FREE Kindle Books

The free iOS Kindle app allows you to load wonderful books on to your iDevice.Just like app developers Amazon offers some books free and on sale each day. Here are a few of the children, teen, and adult free books available today. Unlike iBooks, Amazon prices can change hourly, so grab these quickly before they go back to full price

Kid Kindle Books

Adult Kindle Books

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