The set up of Drama.

Drama came from Greece word, dran, meaning to do. The earliest written drama plays where written near the time of the 5th century b.c. A few were written to honor the god of wine.

The Plot of drama are comprised of 4 main parts. Exposition, Complication, Climax, and Resolution.

All dramas are to be made of a conflict that is occurring.

Themes and Plots of Drama.

Dramas can be in different tones,plots, themes, and settings, here are some examples of plots:

Tragedy- These dramas are made of unhappy endings. Side note: Greek writers right with a tone of serious themes.

Comedy: Dramas that usually end with a happy or cheerful mood, and as well are usually about love and or romance.

Modern Comedy: The gender in a romantic plot are sometimes switched depending on the plot.

Modern Drama
: Can be comprised of tragedy and or comedy. They mainly focus on personal issues, and ordinary people.

The putting on of a Drama

Scripts are a crucial part of plays. They tell what the actors need to do, say, and to set the tone of speech.

To perform a drama you need people to reenact the written play.
Actors are to present the script in the tone it needs to set.
Directors are there to tell what needs to be done and to direct what the scene is.
Lighting technicians and stage crew members are very important, because without them we would not the extra details and effects to show the audience watching. One final detail is the stage. The stage is to show the setting and sometimes the theme of a drama.