Christmas in Australia

Celebrated on December 25

What is the history of your country's Christmas?

The first traditional Christmas was celebrated on December 25 in 7788. It was celebrated by Reverned Johnson. The Christmas tree down under, which is what they call Australia, is called Pohutukawa. This is only some of the history of the cool country Australia.

When is the holiday celebrated and for how long?

Christmas in Australia is not your average Christmas. It doesn't have snow, snowmen, or sledding. It does have sand, surfing, and even the sun comes to join in too! This because Christmas in Australia is in the middle of the Summer! However it is still celebrated on the 25 and the 26 of December. Christmas is mainly celebrated for two days. They start decorating the tree and the house toe weeks before the real day.

What special foods are eaten during your country's Christmas?

Many people eat a special meal, that traditionally was like the meal they served in Europe. They ate roast meats, steamed puddings, heavy fruit cakes and, steamed pudding. A small coin is often baked inside the steamed pudding. Which was dosed with burning Alcohol before being served. Whoever found the coin in his or her portion would have good luck for the rest of the year. However, now many people choose to have a barbecue at the beach, or a picnic in the park. They will eat cold meat, seafood, followed by dessert, which is called Pavlova. Pavlova is a soft meringue cake, topped with diced fruit, and whip cream.

What are some of the customs, and traditions of your country's Christmas?

Down under the people spend their Christmas with friends or their family. Most of the time they don't stay at home. The mainly stay at relative's houses, or at holiday parks. Weeks before Christmas they decorate their hose with candy canes, Christmas trees, and small electric colorful lights. The day before Christmas the children will hope to receive gifts in the stockings, and under the tree. Weeks before the children will also write letters to Santa Claus so he will know what they want. They also go caroling with friends and family. The gifts are exchanged on Christmas day. They exchange them with family and friends.

Symbols and traditions

They use Santa figures, fake snow, tinsel, and little glass light bulbs. These are for decorations. Some of the decorations they use for the tree have pictures of the wildlife there, such as the animals or the plants. The Santa Claus there does leave gifts, and he is called Santa Claus. Although he is called the same as America. He often wears beach clothes such as, brightly colored shirts and loose shorts. His sleigh is pulled by six white kangaroos. All this is because it is more the down under Christmas culture.
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Maddy Buck