Thomas Paine

Common Sense


  • Thomas Paine was born in January 29,1737 born in thetford,united kingdom
  • Paine died on June 8 1809.his death occurred in Greenwich village ,new York city
  • Thomas pains parents sent a midwife when Mrs. pains baby was on the way
  • Thomas could not stand school work .Thomas was having trouble in school
  • Thomas was then eventually deducted from school.


  • Thomas Paine attended thetford grammar school. He had trouble in school and eventually dropped out.
  • he barely knew how to read or write just before he dropped out of school.
  • high school was more stressful for Thomas Paine because because he had more work.
  • he grew up to be an author and a writer
  • when Thomas turned 13 he become more closer to his father.

Important life events

  • Thomas Paine wrote common sense when he was 8 years old.
  • he became Nathanial's assistant during the revolutionary war.
  • he became involved with the French revolution.
  • he worked as a clerk in Pennsylvania.


  • he was an engineer,scintist, inventor he was very intelligent
  • he wanted to become a journalist his whole life then he wrote common sense.
  • he was very involved with his fathers plans and revolution's.
  • he hated school his whole life.

Contributes to change

  • when Thomas Paine was young he was vey ignored often but when he had the courage to write common sense he became very popular.
  • he was popular enough to become Nathaniel's assistant for the American revolution.
  • he loved when he had the army all to himself

Interesting facts

  • Paine almost died of typhoid fever on his first trip to America.
  • Thomas Paine was an inventor .he invented a smokeless candle.
  • he was the author of the age of reason it critized religion.
  • his article public good conflicted over the articles of confederation