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Question: How does perception change truth?

Symbolical representation of question

This image of the debate shows that there are often two sides in disagreement and that their view is different than everyone else's. They might believe in one thing while the other believes in another idea and they start to attack each other.

The Maze Runner

The book The Maze Runner symbolizes the question How does perception shape truth by the fact that it shows the conflict in beliefs that involves two sides believing that they are doing the right thing. The Gladers believe escaping and confronting the Creators is their ultimate goal. The Creators on the other hand believe that it is their job and responsibility to put the Gladers in the Maze trials and that the Gladers would save humanity from the Flare. “‘Welcome back,’ the women finally said ‘Over two years and so few dead. Amazing.’ Thomas felt his mouth drop-felt anger redden his face. ‘Excuse me?’ Newt asked”(Dashner 353).

Both sides have different views on what they believe in and they are trying to reach their goals but it’s stopped by another group with different views from theirs, trying to make theirs work.


In the book Birthmarked the question How does perception shape the truth is answered by showing the views of Gaia and how her truth is compared to the truths and views of the society. Gaia’s point of view is that she is trying to save her parents from the Enclave (the extremest society) by going in and busting them out of jail. She only succeeds hearing her dad was killed and seeing her mom give birth to Gaia's sister Mia. With both her parents gone she manages to get out the Enclave and maintain her sister alive. “‘I gave them to this, insane society.’ ‘I’m as bad as you are,’ she said ‘as any of you’. ‘We’re not all bad’ Leon said “(O’Brien 203). Whilst on the other hand the Enclave thinks they are doing the right thing by taking Gaia’s parents because they were keeping tracks of all of the babies born in their area. Their main goal is to use the list to save themselves from a genetic disorder because those babies in the list are protected against the mutation. So the book answers the question by showing that with her views, she needs to accomplish something but something stands in her way of getting there which is the evil society, the Enclave.

The Juvie Three

The book The Juvie Three answers the question how does perception change the truth by showing that most people get scared of criminals just because they did something disregarding their age. In the book, the boys (Gecko Fosse, Terence Florian, Arjay Moran) have committed crimes that the normal person wouldn’t do. They get a second chance though, they get sent to New York and they start living with their mentor, Healy. They are always monitored and have to have therapy and do community work constantly. “Arjay jumps forward and takes one of the bags, reaching for the other. ‘Get away from me!’ ‘It’s OK Mrs.Liebowits. Arjay was just trying to help.’ ‘You want to help me? Move your juvenile delinquents somewhere else’”(Korman 40).This changes when the boys injure Healy, putting him in a coma and wiping his memory completely. Under the time that Healy is gone, the boys don't run but stay put hoping Healy comes back, he doesn't. They act as if he was still there but they make people avoid him and their house. But when the Social Services lady says the she is coming to inspect the house, the boys have to get Healy back. They thought they knew where he was but they transferred him to another hospital according to Gecko’s friend. With the help of their friend, they manage to get Healy out of the hospital but get caught by the police. They let them go and the story goes back to how it was before. The book explains the question by showing that people are trying to do good things but there are things that can affect that goal.

Current World Example of Question

The question is answered in everyday life by the fact the all of us have a different point of view so that makes things a lot more difficult than it would be if we all agreed. We need different points of view so we can have more variety in the world even if it's good or bad. Sometimes however too much radical variety can be bad. For example right now in current time in our own complex society we can see the differences of thoughts on people's truth. We can have things the government can affect us with but they can't see the damage they are causing because they can't see what we are doing and they aren't in our position of view, but we aren't in theirs either. They might pass a law to make us pay more taxes for school and some might see it as a waste, but the government might see it as a good investment to make for the kids.
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How The Question Reflects Me In Everyday Life

In my life I always have seen things differently than others or maybe just haven't seen what they see. But in most cases, nobody get along with anybody exactly the same, I might think similarly to someone and my truth might be similar but it all comes down to the fact that I can't think the exact way someone wants me to. Our experiences and truths make us see are perceive differently the world around us.

Perception Poem


I yell
And scream
And cry
Because you call me crazy

I hit
And kick
And fight
Because you say I'm violent

I am only
What you see of me
It may not be the real me
But its how I am perceived

And how people choose to see me
Determines how I see myself.

How it reflects the question

This poem represents my question by showing that thinking and believing something can make you believe it in your own truth even if it's false. We can think of somethings wrongly and think what we want of it. We can see someone and get bad first impressions but they could end up being a really neat person. But the point is that we all see everything differently and we might end up doing something bad because they way we perceive different subjects uniquely.

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