The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarch


The overthrow in Hawaii would have been averted if President McKinley, Sanford Dole, and Minister John L. Stevens was not involved because they led major roles that convinced Americans to annex Hawaii.

Is Hawaii a state of the United States?

First I thought that Hawaii state hood into America was legit. However after studying the overthrow of Hawaii I believe Hawaii should not be considered a state. When congress had a vote on if they should make Hawaii a territory, they never consulted the queen nor had the authority to do so because Hawaii is not a land of America. All congress did was just vote and when votes favored annexation of Hawaii they then claim Hawaii as their land. This is unlawful because it showed that America was a big nation and its bullying a smaller one.


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Supplement Information

Hawaii back then was a lonely peacful nation. That believed in the old traditional way. Now it's a big city that filled with skyskrapers, hotels, and shops for tourist to buy.