Ms. Felton's Course Updates

Business Communications & Presentation A

Next Due Date

Ladies and Gents,

The next due date is this Thursday. Remember you always have until Tuesday to submit late work for partial credit. See image below.


  • Log in everyday.
  • Follow the schedule and complete your daily assignments.
  • It is much easier to do 2 assignments per day instead of 6-9 in 2 days at the end of the grading period.
  • Respond to messages that I email to you.
  • Read your comments in the dropbox after work has been graded.
  • EMAIL questions TO ME if you can't figure it out.

Does your School have Fall Break?

Georgia Virtual School does not have Fall Break. If your regular school does, then you should email Ms. Felton and work ahead. You will not be excused from the work but you can complete it early, before your break.
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Opportunities for Extra Points

Attend Discussions or Listen to Recordings

  • You will earn 2 points for attending
  • You will earn 1 point for listening and submitting a reflection document (on page 2 under "Extra Points"). See details below.

You will need to submit a new word document with the following information:

· Summary (4-6 Sentences of what chat was about)

· List 2 things you learned.

· List at least 1 thing you have a question about.

These points will be added up at the end of the semester to add on to a low grade where it is needed.

The Odds are with You: Project Improvement!

Some of you may not have done as well as you would have liked on your projects which are 30% of your grade. This is an opportunity for you...

From this point forward, I am available to meet you in our online classroom EVERY Tuesday to look over your projects and give you feedback before submitting them.

With this opportunity you are less likely to have points deducted.

What do you have to do? You must email me by 12 noon on Tuesday to let me know what time you want to come and what project you want me to review. This will be done the second half of the chat session in 10 minute increment meetings.

Email Subject should be - Project Improvement!

Once you email me showing interest I will let you know what time slots are available. Any questions? Email Ms. Felton.

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Coming Soon...Top 2

The Top 2 will be questions and/or resources about the top 2 concepts missed by the class for each quiz. These resources will benefit you for the final exam and could possibly earn points! Stay tuned! Look for more information in the news announcements and the next newsletter.

Files too big for the Dropbox?

If you are having trouble with uploading your videos, animations, or podcasts to the dropbox then just save it to your google drive. Once you have done this you can share the file in the top right corner with Ms. Felton's email address. Finally, you should post the link to your file on a Word document in the dropbox.

This last step is important because there must be something in the dropbox for you so that I will know to grade it and so that I will have access to your rubric to grade.

How to Share

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Feb 24th

Happy Birthday to Ashley Price! Hope your day is awesome! Everyone give Ashley a shout out on our wall!

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