History/ Social Science Communiqué

Volume 2, Issue 8, March 19, 2015

Updates/ Announcements

Semester 2 Performance Tasks:

  • All PTs, including Fundamentals & Spanish versions are now posted to the R & E Performance Task page. For the D/D ID #s, click here.
  • Anchors for World History-10 are already posted on the CPD Canvas page, under "Tested." Other courses will have anchors posted soon!
  • H/SS Site Curriculum Specialists should be working with PLCs to calibrate and score the PTs using the district-provided rubric. This provides a baseline for equity across the district.

Final Exams:

  • The final exam testing window is from May 25th-June 5th.
  • District final exams will be provided for WC-7, USH-8, WH-10, and USH-11. One class set of hard-copies will be made for you. Students will bubble in their answers on Data Director scantrons for Questions #1-29 and will write a short response for Question #30.
  • If you believe your students should have access to a Spanish version of this exam, please let your testing coordinator know so he/she may order the appropriate number of exams from Research and Evaluation.
  • WG-9, Econ, and Govt PLCs should work together to create a site final for their students. Expect district finals for these courses next school year.

Local PD Opportunity you should NOT miss:

  • San Diego County Office of Education will be hosting a one-day professional development conference titled "Leadership in History/Social Science: Promising Practices in the Common Core World" on Tuesday, May 26th from 8am-3pm. The cost is only $35 and it includes lunch! Talk to your admin/CIS today about paying for your sub and registration. Check out the flier here.

H/SS Teachers Give Feedback on 2014-15 Professional Development

Upcoming Dates to Remember

HSS DL/Bilingual Teacher Meeting: April 13th, 4pm, Parent Center

HSS DL/Bilingual Teacher meeting: May 11th, 4pm, Parent Center

HSS Fundamentals Pullout: May 11th

9th grade Social Science Teacher Training: May 19th and 20th at the PDC

SDCOE Leadership in History/Social Science Conference: May 26th

Teacher Q & A

Who do I contact if I have a suggestion, comment, or question for the H/SS Communiqué?

Kelly Leon- kelly.leon@sweetwaterschools.org

History/Social Science Contacts

Middle School Curriculum Specialist:

Olga Loya-Estrada

High School Curriculum Specialist:

Kelly León

Lead Curriculum Specialist (all subjects):

Katrine Czajkowski

Special Services H/SS Specialist

Shiela Fernandez

English Learners:

Rebecca Robinson