Kindergarten's 100th Day!!!

Ms. Fichter's and Mrs. James' Class Celebrate

The 100th Day (a little history lesson)

As most Kindergarten classes do across the nation, our Kindergarten students celebrated the 100th Day of School after counting and tracking each day all school year! To prepare for this upcoming event, the Kindergarten students learned important facts and skills pertaining to 100. The celebration of 100 days in kindergarten was first introduced in the 1981- 82 Newsletter of the Center for Innovation in Education. Today, the sheer quantity of 100th Day related books, activities, and merchandise is mind-boggling. It’s tempting to try and do everything 100-related, and our kindergarteners would claim we probably did! January 27th was a fun-filled day of hands-on activities, games, tasty treats, and lots of parent volunteers who joined us to share in the celebration.

The 100th day is not just about math. This easily becomes a cross-curricular celebration. Students worked in small groups to write 100 words for a class display. After we collected 100 words, students worked in teams to alphabetize them. We wrote and illustrated about what we will look like when we are 100 using our individually aged photos from an aging application as inspiration, and wrote a sentence about what our “100” turned into! Some of our most popular events included a “zero” eating contest, creating “Derdnuh” (10 each of 10 different snacks), creating necklaces of 100 beads, and working in teams to build a tower of 100 solo cups!

Read on to enjoy some fun photo evidence of our exciting day. I figured the more photo memories I could share, the better, so please pardon the fact that I did not label them with student names. Find your child having fun- I guarantee they are pictured in this collection at least twice each!

100 Solo Cup Towers- Early Childhood Engineering at work!

The rules are simple:

  1. Three builders to a team
  2. You have to use all 100 cups
  3. Have fun!!

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"I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words" by Michael Frith

We wrote 100 words on bones after hearing the story. Later- we alphabetized them!!

What will we look like at 100 years of age?

Students wrote about what they would look like and/or be able to do at 100 years of age. After they finished their writing they received their aged photo to glue next to their writing!!

1-0-0 Pictures

The students used a a one and two zeros as inspiration for creative pictures. What could they turn these three numbers into? After creative inspiration struck, they glued them on paper, added some extra details and wrote about what their 100 turned into. Maya's and Nikitha's moms were on hand to help!


The best snack ever. It's "hundred" spelled backwards! 10 each of 10 different snacks of your choice. The kids counted them into egg cartons with the help of Laura (Gianna's nanny) and Samaira's mom, shook them up, poured them into "100 day" bags, and enjoyed with a little cup of Sprite.

Counting by 10's Necklace

Count 10 pony beads, slide on a ten counter card, another 10, slide on a 20 card...and so on and so forth! The kids quickly understood what they were supposed to do and worked with Mr. Chiappetta, Mrs. Stathos, and Maya's grandfather to create these wearable mathematic masterpieces!
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"Zero Eating" Contest

How much of the doughnut can you eat without it falling off? Hilarious and so much fun. When else is your teacher going to encourage you to have a pastry eating contest?!

Silly String 100th Day Conclusion

Parading down the hall, balloons in tow, we proceeded to count by 10's to 100 and conclude the party with silly string craziness! What a fantastic day!
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Kindergarten's 100th Day Celebration Conclusion