figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect

The Echo of the Highest Peak:

We've been in the burning frost o' the highest
peak to unlock the open secrets,and to leave
the sweet sorrow . In my upward fall, I told the
pure evilness,''I want nothin' more and ne'er

again''. I hung the word in that eloquent qu'etness.
I hung the qu'etness in the air. I found its own sense
and the opposite. The word and the qu'etness were
like the hole and the star. In that spiritual freezer burning ,

I found the insomniac dreams o' my destiny and the
waking dreams o' my un-destiny. You made them
become numb feelings and vice versa much more
than a lyric song becomes a music sound to be a

lyric song again. In that magic realism,my silent scream
was moved into its echo to become deafening silence
forever. Fairly obvious, the down climbing evilness
echo'd ,''I want nothin' more and ne'er again''

- Marieta Maglas