Ms. Lewis' Second Grade News

February 15-19, 2016

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What's Going On This Week!

  • We will be going on our field trip to Gulf Quest next Wednesday, February 24th.
  • Please continue to make sure your child is reading each night!


We are on Lesson 19 this week. The story is "The Signmaker's Assistant". Our test will be this Friday, February 19th.

Skills include:

  • Text and Graphic Features
  • Words with ar
  • Synonyms


We are beginning our unit on Nonfiction writing. We will read mentor texts and observe different types of nonfiction.

Our grammar focus is Quotations.


Concepts that will be covered this week include:

  • Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers Using Dimes and Pennies
  • Subtracting Two Digit Numbers Without Using Dimes and Pennies
  • Subtracting 6 Facts
  • Solving a Problem by Guessing and Checking
  • Covering the Same Design Different Ways Using Tangram Pieces

*Math Fact Assessment: Thursday, February 18th

*Math Written Assessment: Friday, February 19th

Science and Social Studies

This week, we will share our Famous Americans projects with our classmates. We will also learn about President's Day and why we celebrate it!

Spelling Words

  • car
  • dark
  • arm
  • star
  • park
  • yard
  • party
  • hard
  • farm
  • start
  • part
  • spark
  • art
  • jar
  • carpet
  • apartment

High Frequency Words

  1. are
  2. baby
  3. didn't
  4. good
  5. I'll
  6. is
  7. please
  8. sound
  9. talk
  10. too

Items Needed in the Classroom

Highlights from Class

This Month's Birthdays!

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