Disaster Recovery

By: Roman And Cade


We solve it by doing all the shapes and then put the title and then we put all the height and the base. Then we did all the shapes triangle, Trapezoid, and rectangles and did all the formals and got our area.

Our work

Total Area of Oil Spill

The total area of the oil spill was 282 mi

Extent of The Disaster and Should We Be Worried or Not

The extent was pretty big because 282 miles is along ways. We should be worried because the oil spill can affect the animals and humans and it harms there food supply and it can harm the new born.

The Questions

1.No because some of are shapes are small and some of our shapes are bigger and they have different shapes (triangles,trapezoid, and rectangles).2. We think less because if you think about it 282 miles is big because 1 mile equals 5,280 and in inches that is 63,360 inches in 1 mile
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