Its OK to be different

Characters: Archie, Stargirl, and Leo

 Archie is a teacher at Mica High and is always giving advise to students there. Which comes in handy for Leo.......Stargirl is the new "Mystery Girl" that is surprising everybody by everything she is doing....... Leo is a boy that is going to Mica, and can not make up his mind on which side to be on, Stargirl or his friends

Kids Pick!

When Leo was a kid he loved to collect porpine neckties. One time when it was Leo's birthday he recived a package in the mail and inside was some porpine neckties.Then Stargirl and Leo where friends. Many birthdays passed and Leo never recived any porpine neckties in the mail. Then One day when it was Leo's birthday he recived a package and inside was some porpine neckties. 

Idiom, Personification, and Similies

Strong Verbs

Kevin was at the gate windmilling his arms, I bolted from the truck, Kevin was screaming in the phone, yanking me into the stands, I jumped into the pickup


When Stargirl had first arrived at Mica Area Highschool, everybody could not belive anything she did. Stargirl was very diferent from everybody at Mica. She would sing Happy Birthday to everybody on their birthday. Then Stargirl became a cheerleader. The electrons had never won a game. When she started to cheer, the other team would be skocked and they could win. The electrons made it to the state campionship. Stargirl was cheering for the other team. Then the shunning started. Nobody would ever forgive her.


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