Taylor TLI Takeaways

October 2015

BOY TLI Data Meeting

October 16, 2015

9:00 - 12:00

Events Center

Attendees: Principals, Instructional Specialists, Central Office representatives

Principals may invite other members of their campus team to this meeting.

TLI Updates and Workgroup sessions: In each section below you will see an introduction to the workstations and some guiding questions. You do not need to come with all of the guiding questions answered. You should come with thoughts and answers along the lines of these guiding questions in order for us to have rich and impactful conversations. Please don't let the questions limit you either - we are assuming you will bring your own relevant thoughts to the table too. (The information in the parenthesis tells you where you can look in the Texas State Literacy Plan and the tslpresource.org site for more information as you prepare.)

The product at the end of this TLI Data Meeting is to create a first draft of a 5-7 minute presentation that summarizes the key points and campus action steps resulting from the conversations during the workstations.

I am also available to schedule a time for us to work together as you prepare for this meeting - give me a call or email.


9:00 TLI Updates

9:10 District data

9:20 Introduction to Workstation Rotations

9:30 Rotations - 20 minutes each

  1. RTI Processes

  2. DIP/QAP

  3. SPED

  4. ELLs

10:30 Campus summary prep time

  • Prepare summary presentations highlighting key action steps based on data

11:00 Campus summary presentations (5 - 7 minutes each)