I've got my oils...

Now what do I do with them?!?

Hi, friend!

I just wanted to follow up with you now that you've had your oils for a couple weeks to see if you have any questions! It can be overwhelming when you first get your kit and I want you to know, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always ask me! There are so many ways to use the oils you have purchased and the best way to learn is to just START using them!

Here are a few ways to START!

If you purchased a diffuser, start diffusing! A few drops (3-5) in the diffuser is all you need. OnGuard in the diffuser is great way to keep germs at bay.

Start replacing your medicines with oils. Have a headache? Try peppermint on your forehead. Upset stomach? Try rubbing DigestZen on your stomach. Need a good night's rest? Try lavender on the bottoms of your feet before going to bed. Before you know it, you will have an entirely new medicine cabinet!

Use your Modern Essentials book! And if you haven't purchased one yet, l highly encourage you to make the investment. It really is your essential oils bible and a great informational resource. Kara is able to get them at a discount once in awhile when purchased in bulk. Let me know if you need one and I can check with her! Modern Essentials also has an app for iPhone and Android - it's $6.99 and awesome - just downloaded it!

Use Google to research and learn. Search for and join doTERRA Facebook groups - they're a great way to learn from other essential oil users. Look around and become familiar with your doTERRA virtual office - there are so many ways to earn free products for doing nothing other than buying oils for your personal use. Attend education classes. There are often free classes being hosted all the time to help further your knowledge on essential oils.

Whether you purchased your essential oils for personal use, to help someone you love (pets included!), or to supplement your income doesn't matter to me - I just want you to know how to use them and get the full benefits they have to offer!

So, please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns or want to have a class of your own for people who may be interested in learning more about essential oils. And I swear, I won't bombard you with emails about essential oils. ;)

Promotion details

For the month of March, save 10% on dōTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash with 2 Dispensers and earn a FREE 15 mL bottle of Wild Orange essential oil with any Loyalty Rewards Point purchase of 125PV! You can also earn a FREE 5mL Deep Blue AND Deep Blue Rub ($81.67 retail value) by placing ANY single 200PV order from March 1 through March 31, 2015. Click here to learn more: http://doterrabusinessblog.com/march-promotions-2015/

If you have questions about this, please let me know! These are FREE products for simply purchasing oils for your own use!

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Earn 100 FREE Points in March!

You already qualify for the New Year New You production promotion!

Here are the details:

Since you have enrolled with a 100+PV enrollment order (with the purchase of your kit!), all you need to do is enroll in the Loyalty Rewards Program with a 100+ PV order for March, and go to www.doterra.myvoffice.com/nyny/ and enter your Wellness Advocate member number and the access code (858cb080) for the class you attended.

Once your 100 PV Loyalty Rewards Order for March has processed, the 100 free product points will automatically be added to your account within three to five business days after the 100 PV Loyalty Rewards Order has been processed, and you have entered in the access code.

This is an amazing offer that doesn't happen very often. I would encourage youto take advantage of this offer if you were already going to be purchasing oils for yourself next month anyway! :)

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