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Volume 6, Issue 2 Winter Edition

EYMS Math Counts

Our Math Counts Team competed at York College on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. We had 3 students that placed in the top 50 out of 147 students.

  • Lindsay Wooditch (Grade 6) placed 20th
  • Tim Leaman (Grade 8) placed 36th
  • Tiffany Sarver (Grade 8) placed 41st

We have a team that will be competing in the District Competition at Millersville University.

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January 2015 Knights of the Roundtable

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1st Annual EYMS Kiss the Pig Contest

“This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy kissed Mr. Hess!” I don’t think that’s quite how the nursery rhyme goes, but at EYMS, we are changing the course of literary history.

The sixth grade is hosting its “1st Annual Kiss the Pig” contest. All proceeds will help to off-set the cost of our field trip to Washington, D.C. in March. Students have the opportunity to vote for which teacher they would most like to see “Kiss a Pig” at the February Knights of the Roundtable Assembly.

Votes cost $1 and can be deposited at all three lunches in the cafeteria. Whichever teacher raises the most money will be puckering up to kiss an adorable piggy! It sounds like there is a close race between Ms. Kaye, Ms. Sylo, and Mr. Campbell. You still have plenty of time to vote, so keep those dollar bills flowing!

Keep an eye out for Mr. Hengst and Mr. Campbell’s exciting adventures on announcements each week. They are soon setting out to find the elusive ‘polar piguine’ in the Arctic Circle. Join the 6th grade in raising funds and boosting morale during these cold, snowy school days!

2016 EYMS Geography Bee Winner

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 the middle school held the school finals for the geography bee. All students participated in the preliminary round. Finalists were chosen based on their score of the National Geographic Geography Bee test. The 2016 EYMS National Geographic Geography Bee winner is 8th grade student Adam Drapcho. He received a medal, certificate, and gift card. He will participate in an online assessment to see if he qualifies for the state geography bee.

The Pacer Test

The PACER Test continues its 10th year at the Middle School. The PACER Test is given during physical education classes at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester in order to record fitness progress of 6-8th graders. The goal is to improve the number of laps over the course of the semester. Students learn to check their heart rate after running.

The test consists of running laps at your own pace but doing as many laps as you can. The average expected amount of laps for a fit middle school student is about 20 laps

Two years ago, Dalton Hengst ran 140 laps and Maddie McLain ran 120 laps. Last semester, Ethan Nickel (6th grade) ran 81 laps, Conor Wilken (7th grade) ran 84 laps, and Adam Drapcho (8th grade) ran 92 laps.

We challenge current students to run their best and to try to break these records!

Hoops for Hearts

First semester PE students participated in the American Heart Association’s “Hoops for Heart” event on December 8th & 9th during class. Seventh grader Austin Baker explained that, “if you donated $5 to the cause, you got to participate in the 3-point contest. Although I failed under pressure during the 3-point contest, I could say I raised money and could be happy about it. I hope a lot of money was raised.” Well, Austin, it sure was!! Sixth and seventh grade students (along with a few teachers) collected a total of $446 in donations. Great job everyone! Second semester students will have the opportunity to add to this total in February.

The 8th Grade Civil Rights Project By Jackson Deppen

As you may know, the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. day has recently ended. Due to the impactful events that this holiday celebrates, the 8th grade has embarked on a journey exploring the Civil Rights movement. They began with a short reading about the Little Rock Nine. Through this, the 8th graders learned about the power of teamwork, hatred, and reconciliation. Following these readings, the 8th grade began working strenuously to complete a research project on a Civil Rights leader or event. The students had various interesting topics and people to choose from, such as Malcolm X, Emmett Till, The Alabama Bus Boycott, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The project began with pure research. Students were required to research their topic and record ten facts about it. But, these ten facts were required to be from 3 or more sources, such as books, magazines, or websites. They then practiced correctly citing their information. This step was difficult, due to the amount of directions to be followed and the independence required. Once the facts were complete and approved, the students set out to begin an essay about their topic. It was hard for the students to stay focused during this process, but each group pulled through the distraction of their friends and presented a beautifully written piece. But that’s not all. For the final step of the project, the students had the choice to create either a powerpoint or video about their topic. This was most likely the most enjoyable step of the project, and the students had a lot of fun being creative with the different programs. Overall, this project was beneficial to the students. Although stressful, it taught the kids how to follow directions and to be an independent learner. It taught them to have fun with their peers, but when it came time to work, things must get done. This project, although a hefty responsibility, was extremely fun, and will be a highlight of all the 8th graders’ years.

EYMS Canned Food Drive

During the holiday season the Eastern York Middle School student council sponsored a canned food drive to support the Eastern York Food Bank located in Wrightsville. Sadie Buser (left) and Breana Grim (right) are pictured weighing the cans in order to track the school's progress. EYMS donated over 2 tons of canned food to help brighten the holidays for the less fortunate of our school district.



Pennsylvania School Health Law states that all students in SIXTH grade must have a physical examination. Sport physicals ARE acceptable. Physicals can be dated up to one year prior to the start of the 6th grade school year. To comply with this state requirement, the physical must be completed on or after September 1, 2014. We still have students that have not submitted a physical exam to the nurse. Please forward any exam papers to the nurse.


Pennsylvania School Health Law also states that all students ENTERING SEVENTH grade must have a dental exam completed. This exam can be completed up to one year prior to the start of the 7th grade school year. To comply with this state requirement, the dental exam must be completed on or after September 1, 2014.


Physical exam forms (2 pages) and Dental forms can be found on the District website under the tab “Forms” and should be completed by your child’s health care provider. The exam form can be returned to the Nurse’s office in person or by mail. Please indicate on the envelope, to the School Nurse when mailing.


EYMS Boy's Basketball

Eastern York Middle School's Eliot Whiteside positions himself for a rebound as Isaiah Saahir scores against York Suburban.

“Sixth Grade Debate Team to Launch in February”

Every sixth grader walking the halls at EYMS has several strengths and weaknesses. But, for any parent, teacher, or administrator, it’s quite easy to recognize a skill and passion which they all possess: the art of argument.

In sixth grade ELA, students have been studying monuments that are contenders for the new list of the Seven World Wonders. Students were propositioned with a loaded question: Do we have a duty to preserve World Wonders for future generations?

In class, Mrs. Little and Mr. Kohr were really impressed with the passion and enthusiasm students showed when debating these topics in a controlled, academic setting.

“I was most impressed not only with how excited they were about the content, but how respectful they were when we debated,” said Little, a veteran of sixth grade Language Arts. “We had so many students exhibiting a high skill level, it was truly inspiring.”

The teachers weren’t the only ones who noticed.

“As we were debating, a couple of the kids would say to me, ‘Hey, this is fun, you should start a debate team,’” said Kohr. “That got us thinking about whether starting a debate team would even be possible.”

Kohr and Little contacted the Gifted Ed teacher, Ms. Luckenbaugh, and stated the conversation. After receiving permission from the administration to go forward with the idea, permission slips were distributed in early January.

While debate teams aren’t necessarily seen as the ‘glamour’ extra-curricular in middle schools across the nation, the teachers were blown away at the excitement from students about the team.

“As of right now, we have 40 sixth graders signed up,” started Luckenbaugh. “We also have an exceptional eighth grader and some awesome high schoolers coming down to help as advisors. It’s really amazing that an idea from a couple kids has ballooned into this.”

The Debate Team will meet Wednesdays after school from 2:45-3:45 from February 3-March 2. Students will be grouped into teams and topics, then they will work together to research and prepare arguments and claims that will be debated on in a formal setting.

“Our biggest priorities right now are figuring out how to group the kids and how to decide on who’s doing which topics,” said Kohr. “We don’t see the big numbers as a problem, so we are very excited and hope everyone shows.”

Little is just happy that students are so eager to voluntarily do relevant work after school in a relaxed, fun manner. “The skills we will be promoting are things that are so integral to our students’ future success, but they are sometimes brushed to the side in order to fit in other things.”

Pennsylvania state standards call for an emphasis on speech and debate, but often times these skills can get overlooked when the more tangible, ‘testable’ skills receive the focus.

“Often times in ELA, we wait until the end of the year to do speech projects,” said Kohr. “So we just can’t say enough about how fortunate we feel to have so many kids who want to work on these skills on their own.”

EYMS Girl's Basketball

Eastern York Middle School's Adrianna Waltemyer (#11) reaches high for a rebound against the York High Bearcats. The Lady Knights went on to win 40-7.

EYMS Science Olympiad

Middle school students Jackson Deppen (left), Tim Leaman (center) and Jacob Kennell (right) prepare for the 2016 Science Olympiad. The regional competition consists of 21 events and will be held at Millersville University in April.

7th Grade Penny Wars

Since 1999, the 7th grade has raised over $20,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through a friendly competition called Penny Wars. We look forward to great results from the class of 2021. Students will compete against other second period classes in this competition. Students will bring in pennies giving their second period positive points. They can bring in silver and dump it into other second period buckets, giving the other periods negative points. Although the war is called “Penny Wars”, students will need all kinds of coinage. We look forward to reporting great results in the spring newsletter!!!

Students here are some things to remember:

  • Bring in pennies for your 2nd period.
  • Pennies =positive points
  • Bring in silver for other 2nd periods.
  • Silver = negative points
  • The 2nd period with the highest positive value (Pennies – Silver) from the 7th grade gets an Olive Garden lunch.

8th Grade Science Lab

Eastern York Middle School students Casey Einsig, Brayden Harnish, and Cory Beaverson perfect their measurement skills in Mr. Fisher's science class. The 8th grade students are preparing for upcoming chemistry labs.

York Junior Youth Symphony Orchestra

This year, Eastern York has three students from the middle school representing our district in the York Junior Youth Symphony Orchestra! The audition process for the symphony is quite rigorous and applicants for the symphony compete among other students throughout York county.

These three students have gained acceptance to the symphony this year:

  • Abbie Wood - 7th Grade, former Kreutz Creek student and 3rd year participating in the symphony
  • Madeline Furino - 8th grade, former Kreutz Creek student and 2nd year participating in the symphony
  • Isabella Jensen - 8th grade, former Canadochly student and 3rd year participating in the symphony

If you see any of these students, please congratulate them on their accomplishments. It is quite an honor!

Olive Garden Luncheon

Eastern York Middle School student council secretary Ashley Krueger and Olive Garden manager Serena Calderon prepare food donated by the Olive Garden restaurant. The Eastern York Middle School student council combined forces with Olive Garden to provide a reward luncheon for over 100 contest winning students. The luncheon was used to help motivate students to donate canned goods during the recent canned food drive. The winning classrooms were Mr. Hengst (6th grade), Mr. Burket (7th grade) and the Pennsylvania Colony (8th grade).

The Middle School Geography Bee A Contestant’s View by James Johnson 7th Grade - H Team

At the beginning of the Eastern York Middle School Geography Bee, I was sitting with my back to the students and was glancing around to see if I could spot any signal of it starting. As I was sitting in my seat, the tension started to build up. Eventually, the Geography Bee started. As the questioning began, I got more and more nervous as I watched the microphone move closer down the row towards me. Soon, it was my turn and I answered the given question. When I passed the microphone on, a wave of relief passed over me. Even though I got the question wrong, the build up of tension was released.

Before my second question, I was mulling over some of the questions in my head and some of them were pretty hard. Thinking about this increased the tension once again as the second question approached.I began to think about the skill needed to answer all these questions and it reminded me of an online game we played in 6th grade where you had to name countries of the world. I used my knowledge to continue answering questions.

Eventually, I got eliminated and went to sit with the other contestants who were eliminated before me. As I sat, I reflected. Even though I got eliminated, I still had fun.

Congratulations to the following GWAM winner

We are very proud to announce that a 7th grader has typed the fastest GWAM (gross words a minute) in the Middle School at 130 GWAM. He also typed the most improved score at 77 GWAM – the best of his class. Congratulations Gavin Johnson pictured below. This was recorded in Ms. Kennedy’s Keyboarding class on 1/6/16. Even the fastest typist in the U. S. only types 163 words per minute!

EYMS Welcomes New Student Teachers

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Suicide Prevention: What is the School Doing?

Suicide is a subject that we often don’t like to talk about. It is a difficult and painful subject that can stir our emotions and cause us discomfort and pain. But suicide is something we MUST talk about, we MUST educate others about and we MUST acknowledge exists.

There is no single cause of suicide. It most often occurs when stressors exceed current coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental health condition. The link between mental health and suicide is very strong. This does not mean that someone suffering from a mental health disorder is suicidal. Nor does it mean that someone who completed suicide suffered from a mental health disorder.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 10-24 years old. Overall it is the 10th leading cause of death. In York County suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death and in 2015 there were four times more suicides than homicides.

On June 26, 2014, Act 71 was signed into law in Pennsylvania. This law specifically requires school entities to: (1) adopt a youth suicide awareness and prevention policy; and (2) provide ongoing professional development in youth suicide awareness and prevention for professional educators in building serving students in grades 6-12. Additionally, section 1526 specifically permits school entities to incorporate curriculum on this topic into their instructional programs pursuant to their youth suicide awareness and prevention polices.

Specifically Eastern York Middle School has taken the following steps:

• Educate all staff on suicide prevention through in-service and on-line training.

• Provide suicide prevention education in 8th grade Health classes.

• Provide mental health awareness through boys and girls groups.

• Have school counselors available whenever a safety issue emerges.

• Develop policies and guidelines for crisis intervention services.

• Work with outside agencies for appropriate referrals.

The main emphasis with suicide prevention is let students know that safety issues must be reported and that there is no such thing as confidentiality when it comes to safety. If a friend confides that they are not safe, it should be immediately reported to a trusted adult.

Important numbers to call:

Wellspan Behavioral Health Edgar Square-crisis walk-in services:

1101 S. Edgar St. Suite C York,PA 17403

1-800-673-2496 or 717-851-5320

Mobile Crisis Intervention, TrueNorth Wellness Services 717-632-4900

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Student Locker Surprise!

A couple of 8th grade students decided to share positive sayings with the entire school on Friday, February 5, 2016. Here is a message from those students that was read over the morning announcements.

"Our goal is to motivate EYMS students and promote a positive attitude throughout the school

This project is an example of an Aevidum club activity.

Aevidum is a student based club and its goal is to create positive mental health environments where all students feel accepted, appreciated, acknowledged, and cared for in schools and communities across the nation.

Aevidum means “got your back”. If you ever need immediate help please don’t be hesitant to stop in the guidance office.

Please enjoy your messages and lets see some smiles today!"

Giant A+ School Rewards Program

Welcome to the start of a new school year and a year of A+ School Rewards. Beginning October 9, 2015 through March 17, 2016 Eastern York Middle School will have the opportunity to earn cash through the Giant A+ School Rewards Program.

All you have to do is:

  • Call the A+ Hotline at 888-448-4642 for assistance
  • School ID: 20690

REMEMBER: If you registered your card last year, you DO NOT need to re-register this year. You can visit the website to verify correct school assignment. Also, don’t forget to encourage your friends and relatives to do the same. It could mean more CASH for our school.

After you register your card, each shopping trip at Giant using your BONUSCARD earns CASH for our school. Each month, the amount of CASH awarded will be updated on the Giant A+ website. You can track the amount of points you earn for our school by checking your grocery receipt and online when you create an account at Our school will receive a check at the end of the program and the money can be used for any of our school’s educational needs.

Thanks for supporting our school.

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