Overview of the newspaper

The Library and newspaper

I'm writer.

Natasha Smolyakova

Overview of the newspaper

—The title of the newspaper I’d like to introduce is "Первое сентября" "English"

—It’s published in February in Moscow.

—It’s issue4

—There are 48 pages in it. The main rubrics are:

-Life There

-Methods of teaching

-Read and discuss

-Classroom activities

-Building vocabulary

-Focus on literature

-English for specific purposes

-Post Factum

-School theatre

-For young readers


-British studies

-Youth English section

—It’s a professional paper.

—You can read about technology, music, group of eight, children's literature.

You can see the photo, picture.

You can learn the English song.

—The information in the newspaper in reliable.

You can use for your classes,reports,homework,just for fun.

Overview of the newspaper.

—It is illustrated with pictures,statistics,comments,,historical documents.

—It is useful,fun,amazing in facts.

—Some facts impressed me most of all G8, children's literature, immigrant National.

—I couldn’t help reading it because the newspaper is interesting and new. I know the new phrases, facts. I'd like the song because it's fun. The lyrics are easy to understand.

—I’d like to recommend my friends,classmates to read it.

—You can read this newspaper on-line on the site, borrow it from the library…

—It is rather popular in among the teachers and librarians.

In the Editor’s column you can read about ICT-students interaction.

The pictures are devoted to the theme of Moscow students, cartoons. —Some articles reveal the latest news in politics,music,art.

—I’d like to tell about the article "New in Brief" in detail.

—I’ve chosen it because it appeals to my experience, interests.

—The author of the article is Hannah Goff.

Natasha Smolyakova.

I want to discusse the newspaper " 1 Сентября" the artical "New in Brief".

It's the interesting and educated. In artical is problem "The shape of schools to come" and describes ICT-studen interaction.

You can discusse with parent, teachers and friends.

I think too, that technology is necessary in school and universities.

What is the name of the biggest library in the world?

The bigest library of the world is the library of Congress.

The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections.

What is the mission of the Library of Congress?

The Library's mission is to support the Congress in fulfilling its constitutional duties and to further the progress of knowledge and creativity for the benefit of the American people.

When was it established?

The library was established in 1800.

Name some of the topics at the Library of Congress.

How many miles of bookshelves are in the Library of Congress?

40000 miles.

How many pieces of sheet music are at the Library of Congress?

573566 pieces of sheet music are at the Library of Congress.

How much of the Library of Congress’s book and serial collections are in a language other than English?

460 languages.

Who is the librarian?

Librarian of Congress is James H. Billington.

How many of the American historical and cultural documents are available for free online through the National Digital Library Program?

12598 Historian documents. 11393 Cultural documents .

The second library in the world is the Russian State Library.

The library was founded in 1862 and was called the Rumyantsev Library.

In 1924 the library was renamed afte Lenin and became the country's national library.

In 1992 the library was renamed again and became the Russian State Library. Nowadays there are thousands of anicent manuscripts and unique documents in the library, which are read by thousands of peopel every day.

The library

The library-it's the important place in everybody's life. You can visit, borrow and read books in library. I want visit the Russian State Library and The Library of Congress.

There are 45000 books in our school library. 200 thousands money is spent by our library.