Counseling Corner

Mrs. Shelby Whiting


Feb. 4th, 2022

Dear Parent/s Guardians,

Our goal in Idaho Falls School District 91 is to ensure students graduate with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to be successful beyond high school. Part of this learning process involves teaching children the importance of making positive choices, and helping them understand how those choices can affect their academic success and all aspects of life.

Between the months of February through May, 6th grade students will be participating in the district wide CHOICES program. This is a time for 6th graders to learn about how drugs and alcohol affect their body and brain. Students will also learn about the impacts that social media can have on their social and emotional development. Throughout the 6 lessons students will gain insight and knowledge into the importance of making healthy choices both physically and emotionally. Parents please look at the link below presenting questions that you can discuss with your student at home. We encourage you to discuss with your student what they are learning through these 6 lessons. If you have further questions please talk to your school counselor.


Shelby Whiting

Elementary Counselor







Habits of Scholarship support students’ academic success and reflect the character traits of Sunnyside Elementary. Habits of scholarship also aid in developing study skills, persistence, self-awareness, and the ability to ask for feedback. Students are required to analyze their progress with regard to character and academic development.

We have been working on collaboration, perseverance, and responsibility in order to help our students be successful both in the classroom and in our communities. As a staff we are very excited to add RESPECT to our Habits of Scholarship. We have noticed that our students need a refocus on respect in order to be successful learners and collaborators. As we talked with several of our students last year about what respect means to them, they had some amazing things to add.

“Being kind to everyone”

“Actively listening”

“Treating your teachers like they have feelings too”

“Taking care of our things and staying away from things that aren't mine”

How are students taught these traits at Sunnyside?

El Education is built upon 10 design principles that animate a research-based model for transforming teaching, learning, and the character and culture of Sunnyside Elementary. Mrs. Shelby Whiting, our school counselor, along with the staff at Sunnyside Elementary focus on the character building aspects of these design principles on a daily basis through in class teaching and modeling, as well as weekly lessons provided by Shelby. These design principles support our Sunnyside Habits of Scholarship to promote and support students’ academic and social/emotional success.


Hello Sunnyside Families! I am so happy to be back!! I am starting my 7th year at Sunnyside Elementary and have loved every single year! It has been very exciting to see so many smiling faces as students and families head back into the school. As a Sunnyside family we strive to provide a space where students can grow academically as well as socially and emotionally. I look forward to working with and learning from the amazing students and their families this school year as we strive to provide that safe space.
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Family and Community Resources

Hello amazing Sunnyside families! I wanted to provide you all with some resources that could be of use for your family. Our world in this "New Normal" can be a bit overwhelming at times. I hope that these resources will be of benefit to you and your family. If you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

email is

phone number 208-524-7880 ext. 19922.

Empathy and Caring

In EL education schools, learning is fostered best when everyone's ideas are respected and where there is mutual trust. At Sunnyside elementary, students work with caring adults and learn in an environment where they feel physically and emotionally safe. We focus on showing Empathy for our Sunnyside CREW as well as ourselves. Caring for one another fosters a unique learning environment that promotes growth.

The Responsibility for Learning

EL Education schools encourage both children and adults to become increasingly responsible for directing their own personal learning. Encourage your students to discover their own personal learning as well as what is looks like and feels like to become increasingly more responsible for that learning.

The Having of Wonderful Ideas/The Primacy of Self-Discovery

Learning happens best with emotion, challenge, wonderful ideas, and support. EL education fosters curiosity about the world and individual ideas. In EL Education schools, students undertake tasks that require collaboration, perseverance, and responsibility. Students learn to overcome their fears and discover that they can do more than they think is possible.

Success and Failure

All students need to be successful in order to build the confidence to take risks and try new things. The students at Sunnyside Elementary learn that failure is the perfect stepping stone to success. Our students learn to persevere when they fail in order to learn and grow both academically and social/emotionally.

Solitude and Reflection

Students and teachers need time to be alone to explore their own thoughts and make connections. Time alone allows for students and teachers to create their own ideas which they can then share with other students and adults. This month encourage your students to take time to be alone. Encourage them to reflect on their thoughts, ideas and those things that are most important to them.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion increases the richness of ideas and respect for others. In EL Education schools, students value their unique talents and attributes as well as those of their peers. They will learn to value different ways of thinking and learning as well as how these differences can strengthen their own learning. Acceptance and finding the value in differing views, is essential in being truly inclusive. This month talk to your students about how differences make our world a beautiful place.

Service and Compassion

We are CREW, not passengers! Students and teachers are strengthened by learning the importance of giving and receiving acts of service. Students at Sunnyside Elementary are learning the skills and attitudes necessary to learn from and be of service. Students and teachers also learn the importance of showing compassion for themselves and for others. Encourage your students to seek for opportunities to serve others.

Collaboration and Competition

El Education schools focus on individual and group development. Those traits are integrated into the lives of El Education students so that the value of friendship, trust and group action is clear. Students are encouraged to compete, not against each other, but with their own personal best in order to learn and grow. This month encourage your students to evaluate and stretch their own personal best.

The Natural World

El Education schools help students foster a respectful relationship with the natural world. Students will be learning the importance of becoming good stewards of the earth. Talk to your students about how they can help the Earth this month.