helicopter hunting with luke bryan

A Charity Bid For Yhe Wounded Warrior Project

Go Heli Hunting with Luke Bryan

for a starting bid of $5,000 we will send you on a trip to go helicopter hog hunting with country singer Luke Bryan. You will be flown from your house to the Texas location and then will go helicopter hog hunting with Luke. afterwards there will be food and a cabin for you to stay in. we'll send you home with tickets to Luke's next concert, some hog meat if you so choose and a video of your experience.

All the Profit from this trip will go to the Wounded Warrior Project

Also please don't touch Luke unless shaking his hand.

Why We Chose Wounded Warrior

We believe in everything they stand for. We believe that those who risked their lives for our safety deserve a lot more thanks than they are currently given by our government.

Let your neighbors know you're going heli hunting

We'll pick you up and take you back in a helicopter at your very own home!

Eat your kill

on this trip you can choose to eat your shots, if you decide not to, the meat will be donated to families in need nearby.

Stay the night

Heli hunter will provide food and shelter for you when you stay the night

Get Your Video Made For You

Heli hunter will take video and edit together highlights which you can take home to show others.


Saturday September 27

TIme: 10 am pickup

HeliHunter - The Best Helicopter Hog Hunting Video Ever!!!!!!