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January 20, 2023 - Student Support Services

Help Our Children Cope with Disaster, While Building Resilience

Sandra Long- Counselor Coordinator

The impact tornados left in Spalding County has been devastating. Children react to what they see from the adults around them. GSCS is committed to working with families to connect with community resources, as well as providing safe nurturing environments for our students. For children, sudden disasters can create intense anxiety and fear. There are several things caregivers can do to help build resilience in our children:

  • Limit TV time: Repeated images of a disaster cause increased anxiety and fear.
  • Keep to a routine: Stick to regular bedtimes, eating schedules, and activities, even if you are staying in temporary housing.
  • Make time for them: Be available and encourage children to ask questions and share their thoughts and feelings.

Our students have an opportunity to grow resiliency through this disaster. Despite the lack of control, we can help them recognize their own abilities and identify where to find support around them. These skills will benefit them throughout their lives. I have confidence that our community will be stronger and better as we rebuild together. Please contact your School Counselor for more information. Parent Guidelines for Helping Children after a Tornado

Grief and resilience live together. Michelle Obama

GSCS Student Information Update

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How do I Instill a Sense of Gratitude in My Child?

Sandra Long, Counselor Coordinator

The answer is simple....they are watching us. Helping people in need connects you to your community and strengthens a sense of belonging. Giving back instills a sense of appreciation for what we have and gratitude for our own resources. There are so many opportunities to help our neighbors right now in Spalding County. Find something you and your family can do to serve others. Donate school supplies or hygiene items to your school. Clean a yard. Make a call to check on your neighbor. The opportunities are endless. Get Involved!

If you are in need of aid or are looking to help others in need, please call 678-453-4508 or fill out THIS FORM.

Mental Health Resources

Dr. Eleajah McElroy- Mental Health Coordinator

If you are in need of immediate mental health resources, complete this form . G-CAL provides 24/7 crisis mental health support . The GSCS Mental Health Department is available to assist students. Resources have been provided to schools to ensure our students' mental health needs are being met. Use Let's Talk to contact the Mental Health Department.

Where Do I Go to Find Assistance?

Has Your Family Been Displaced?

Dr. Lisa Moore

Take a deep breath and take one step at a time. We understand a permanent plan may be uncertain right now. It is our hope to get students back into the classroom as soon as possible. Contact your school and let them know your situation. Dr. Lisa Moore and the Student Services Department will work with families on a case by case basis to determine the best plan for your student. Contact if you need assistance.

Are you in need of hygiene items?

Your school nurse has hygiene items available for students throughout the year. Please contact your school nurse if you have a need for those items.
Dr. Lisa Moore, Student Services Director

Sandra Long, Counselor Coordinator

Dr. Eleajah McElroy, Mental Health Coordinator

Dr. Donald Warren, Deputy Superintendent