Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes

The best ecoregion in the west

Where is it located?

The Gulf Coast ecoregion is located on the east coast of Texas. There are several city's near the Gulf Coast. Including Corpus Christi, Galveston, and Matagorda Bay. Mr. Green heard from a student, Jonathan, that Matagorda Bay was really nice. He decided that he would go. When he got there he found out that some of the water was blue, and some of the water was brown

What are some biotic factors?

Some biotic factors are Algae, Fish, Coyote, River Otter, and Alligator. Algae is living on the coast of Galveston. Some fish live on the coast, like the Spotted Sea Trout. Other fish ,like the groupers, live in deep water. The coyote lives on the land about 5-10 miles from the coast. River Otters live in deep water. And the Alligator live on both gulf and land.

Some of the top Predators

The best ecoregion


The Gulf Coast has amazing beaches.
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