How To Become...A ProSoccer Player

Written By : Nayonika Banerjee


He shoots , He Scores! The crowd goes wild with joy!!! They Won!!!

Do you want this to be you? Well if you do you should read this article!!

You are going to learn all about the world of professional soccer and how to be in it!

First Steps To The Goal

The first thing you need to do is to have a desire to get better and a love of the game. Without these you might as well stop now. You also need to know how to play the game before about 15 years of age so you can get a chance to be good at it.

To play pro soccer you also have to get in shape. Here are a few simple tricks to not get winded. First you need to do some basic cardio, for example jogging, jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and more. To improve your control of the ball you need to work on dribbling through cones, practice with your other foot, and you could do a trick my soccer Coach taught me, beast mode.

My interviewee also told me that it was pretty easy to get on his team, but he went to a small college.Once you're old enough and ready to go to a university I have some colleges with great soccer teams for men and women. Notre Dame and Duke University for boys and Stanford university and University of Denver for girls.

Day To Day Life Of A Pro Soccer Player

Day to Day Life of a professional soccer player

7:00 AM - Wake up after at least 8 hours of sleep

7:30 AM - Morning Routine

8:00 AM - Go to Practice

1:00 PM - Lunch

3:00 PM - Back To Practice

5:00 PM - Free Time (hobbies, T.V, party,...)

6:30 PM - Dinner

7:00 PM - Free Time

10:00 PM - Sleeping Time

For a college player the schedule is different. According to my Interviewee you first wake up, go to class, go to soccer practice,and do homework.

The One And Only Messi!!!

One of the most known soccer players is Lionel Messi. He has won FIFA player of the year 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. He is a living legend. The team he plays for FC Barcelona. He was born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina.

Some fun facts about him is that he is 5ft. 7in. and 148 pounds, he is an natural left footer,and that he plays forward on his team. He started out very young but soon discovered he had a natural talent for soccer while playing with his brother and his friends.

I chose him for because he is one of the greatest players in Fifa History and one of my personal soccer heroes! I hope to be like him!

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I hope that you know now how to get in the world of Professional soccer! Good Luck! Now to top this article off of I’ll give you a nice soccer joke!

Q: Why was Cinderella kicked off the soccer team?

A: Because she always runs away from the ball!

Key Words And Definitions

Beast Mode - Beast Mode is a warm up or drill the U.S women's soccer team does to warm and up and get control of the ball.

Left Footer - A player who plays with their left foot instead of their right foot, they are right footers.

FIFA - The Federation Internationale de Football Association is a governing body of association football, futsal and beach football.

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