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Moving Along With Mrs. Maddox

Dear Friends in Christ,

Our students have been extremely busy these past few weeks. In grades 3 - 8, students have taken their Interim Kansas State Assessments in both Reading and Math. This week, all of our students will begin their second round of MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) Testing. Three times a year our students are tested in the areas of Reading and Math. MAP is a computer adaptive test. Each student is given a unique set of test questions based on their response to previous questions. When a student answers correctly, questions get more difficult. If the student answers incorrectly, the questions get easier. When a student is finished, they receive a score which represents their achievement level. This score helps our teachers map the progress and growth of each student. Now more than ever, having this information helps our teachers differentiate instruction. The "COVID slide" is a term being used throughout education. It refers to the gap of knowledge that is sure to appear due to the 5 months children were home without formalized instruction. Our teachers are working hard to close the gap, and help our kids continue on their academic journey with continued growth and success. Being in school every day, face-to-face (or remote), has been a gift for our community. Thank you for your support. The effort and attention to excellence has been impressive!

Thank you also for the great response to our Catholic Schools Week Kick-Off Mass and Open House for students and Grandparents. I have opened a few more spots on the sign-up, but you can also sign up to attend Mass at church and just come over after Mass. There will be space in the carpeted gym as well. We will have the school open and allow families to visit classrooms. We will rely on our students to be good tour guides. I have asked the teachers not to be in their rooms to help keep families moving along. Keeping our masks on, social distancing between tours, and not standing around chatting will help keep us safe. I know the children are eager to show off their classrooms. We are excited to provide this opportunity, just another work-around for our crazy COVID time.

Thanks for another great week! Red Friday tomorrow, Chiefs swag with uniform bottoms.


With a grateful heart,

Jodie Maddox

Principal, St. Joseph Catholic School

Family Huddle

Acting with Prudence

Prudence can be represented by a scroll and torch. Prudence is right reason in action. Illuminated by the light of faith, Christian prudence is able to see clearly even in the midst of darkness to know the truth and the best way to act in any situation.
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Nurse's Corner

Dear Parents,

We have been back in the classroom for almost 3 full weeks this semester. Along with Johnson County, our St. Joseph Community has seen an increase in the number of students that have been exposed to positive cases of COVID. We have only a few students that have tested positive. All of these exposures to COVID have taken place outside of the school building.

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment continues to stress the importance of wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing at least 6 feet, especially when with people outside of your immediate household. Monitor your child for any signs of illness and notify the school nurse when keeping your child home from school.

Donna Lowther BSN, RN

St. Joseph Grade School Nurse

913-631-7730 ext. 4526

Fritz’s Fundraiser Friday, February 5

Friday, February 5 is a Noon Dismissal Day. We may not be able to have our regular Grandparents Day, but you can still go to Fritz’s (Shawnee location) for our Fundraiser! Fritz’s will donate 20% of our sales back to our school! Go any time between 7AM and 9:30PM. Be sure to mention that you are with St. Joseph Catholic School. Spread the word to friends, family, EEC friends and parishioners! Thank you for your support!


January 22 - Red Friday - Chiefs Swag with uniform bottoms

January 26- Advanced Band begins

January 27- All School Mass, 8:15AM, Livestream, Church Facebook Page or Church website

January 27- 2nd Grade, First Reconciliation, 7PM, Church

January 31- Catholic Schools Week begins - Mass and Open House for School Families at 9:30AM and 11:30AM. Sign Up above in this eUpdate.

January 31- February 5-Catholic Schools Week (See above for Catholic Schools Week Schedule)

February 5- All School Mass, 8:15AM, Livestream, Church Facebook Page or Church website

February 5- Noon Dismissal

February 5- Fritz's Fundraiser, 7AM-9:30PM, Shawnee location

St. Joseph Pandemic Prayer

St. Joseph Pandemic Prayer for Healing and Guidance 2020-2021

Good and Gracious Lord, You have led us through difficult times before and continuously guide us with your wisdom and dignity. Be our navigator as we encompass new and frightening paths. There is much strife and anxiety when it comes to the unknown. Please continue to be our safeguard and our comfort. Help all of us discover, acknowledge, and honor your blessings during these times of uncertainty. Walk with us this school year. In Your name we pray, Amen.