Welcome to the 9th Grade

Aka, Pain.


I'm Lydia Anderson and I just completed Mrs. Allen's Honors English 9 class. Wow, that feels weird to say. I had a great year. I wish I could have been more organized, but what can you do now. Just let you guys know not to be disorganized at all! It costs you points, okay? But once you get past the organizing and the lots of projects, it's a really fun class with a great teacher and you're really gonna miss it.

About Mrs. Allen

The cool English teacher who gives you projects a lot.

My Fav

I absolutely adored our poetry unit. It was completely different from any I have experienced before. We focused on spoken word poetry which really touched me. I liked how it could reach anyone, even if they couldn't read, or thought they hated poetry. We had a really free flow of ideas during this unit which helped me function and work as a writer, I think I produced some of my best work and I for use will never forget about this section in the future.

My Least Fav

I did not enjoy Speak as much as any other unit. I personally thought it struck much to close for comfort. It was simply not enjoyable because of the fact it centered around a girl silently suffering. I really had no other problems with it other than that though, it was well written and interesting. A truly easy read in all honesty.

5 Essay Tips

1- Be careful and have your laptop charged in a nice clean place

2- Always write in a distraction free environment

3- Staple your rough draft, outline, and final copy together. All the time!

4- Have a folder specifically for essay work so nothing gets lost

5- Have fun and make it your own. No one likes 100 useless SAT words thrown in for no reason.

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