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Czech republic by Carson Matthews

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic was formed in 1993 when the former Czechoslovakia was dissolved and separated into two countries: The Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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Geography of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has mountains higher than 5,000 feet and rivers that feed into the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. The Czech Republic is a land-locked country but can use the rivers to bring in goods from overseas and export their own products. The Czech Republic is ranked as the 5th most environmentally responsible country in the world.

Government of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a Democracy. The leader of the government is the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is Bohuslav Sobatka. The formal Head of State is the President. The President is elected directly by the citizens of the Czech Republic.

Economy of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic would be considered a rich country and is one of the most prosperous countries in the European Union. Their official currency is called the Czech Crown. Their largest exports are machinery. Especially cars, buses and planes.

The life expectancy in the Czech Republic is 78 years. The birth rate is 9.63 per 1000 citizens. The literacy rate for males is 90% and 82% for females.

Culture in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a well developed modern country. Most people wear modern clothing similar to other western countries.

The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech.

The most celebrated Holiday is Czech National Day on October 27th each year.

The Czech Republic is the least religious country in the European Union with over 39% of the population agnostic. Only about 29% of the country is Catholic.

The Czech Republic is the birthplace of Beef Goulash.

Climate of the Czech Republic

Weather in the Czech Republic varies depending on the season. They experience all four seasons, with cold winters and warm summers.

Average annual rainfall is around 18 inches in Prague.

Average annual temperature is 64 degrees.

History of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been a part of many empires and kingdoms over its history.

In the mid 800's AD, it was known as Great Moravia.

It was once part of the Kingdom of Bohemia.

It was part of the Nazi, Third Reich in the 1930's and 40's.

It was Czechoslovakia from 1945 until 1993 when it became the Czech Republic.

Comparing the Czech Republic to the United States

The Czech Republic and the United States are similar that they have states and a democratic government. They are both well developed countries that have a high literacy rate.

They also have several differences. The Czech Republic is landlocked and much smaller than the United States.


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