By : Justin Daniels


In this experiment you are testing and observing the change of the water . The purpose is the movement of water and what occurred , which is Osmosis . The independent variable is the original soda , the clear soda , and the drinking water . The dependent variable is the mass of the water . Also the control variables are the beaker , cups , amount of solutes , and the amount of water .


Monday, March 21st, 9pm

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If the tubes or water sit in the three different solutions , then the mass would decrease .

Steps To Lab

1. Get 3 cups , put 200 mL of drinking water in 1 cup , put another 200 mL of original soda in 1 cup , and put another 200 mL of clear soda in another cup .

2. Take the clear tubes out of the dialysis and get them open .

3. Pour 30 mL of distilled water in each plastic tune and tie them up .

4.l Measure the weight of them , record it , and then place in all of the cups .

5. Let it sit for 24 hours .

6. The next day , measure them and record them and write down the change in them .


Day 1 : drinking water - 17.23 , Original Soda - 14.7 , Clear Soda - 12.5

Day 2 ( A CHANGE ) : Drinking water - 17.7 , Original Soda - 13.1 , Clear Soda - 12.1

Analysis & Conclusion

What occurred during your Lab ?

During our lab , the osmosis was being tested . The tube was filled with water and we would record the mass before putting in the other lipids . After that we let it sit for 24 hours , and then it would be weighed again and we would notice the change of the mass .

Restate Hypothesis

If the tube of water was sat in the three different solutions the the mass would decrease . After the lab was complete , my hypothesis was slightly correct for the original soda and the clear soda but not the drinking water .The was of the drinking water was increased .