The Hunger Games

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

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Katniss is a 16 year old girl that goes to an arena to fight to the death with other kids, ages 12 to 18. She is with a boy, from which the district she lives in. Katniss' liitle sister, is depending on Katniss to come home. Katniss will do whatever it takes to win, to be with her little sister again, she even would pretend to desperatly love someone, that she doens't care for. Will she end up loving him? Or will she pretend to love him so she can win? Read more to find out details!

The Worst Reaping Ever.

All kids is District 12, ages 12 to 18 file in line to wait to see who is going to go to the arena to fight to death. Katniss ( 16 ) and her little sister Prim ( 12 ) are waiting to hear who will get picked. This is Prim's first year for being one of the choses to go to the arena. Effie Trinket pulls a slip out of the hat, and it is Prim. Her name was only is there once. Prim walks up to the stage, but Katniss says she will go instead of Prim. Now the boys .Effie Trinket pulls out a slip out of the boys box. Peeta Mellark. He used to ( or still does ) have a crush on Katniss. Will he feel comfortable trying to kill her? Or will he not kill her? Read this great book to find out!

Katniss will win!

Katniss will win!


Katniss is 16 years old and is taking care of her family. Her father died, and her mother is still to weak to work, because her grief is in the way. Katniss has a little sister who is 12, and she can only make cheese and sell milk from her goat, so Katniss has to prepare the food, before the day ends. Katniss shoots and kills animals in the woods, she is not allowed to, because it is illegal, but she has to chose, she must keep her family alive.