Zitzman 411- Week of December 3rd

Game On

What's Happening:

EasyCBM & DRA window open 12/3-12/20

Monday: Armstrong at CO for the day. Shared Leadership Action Team Mtg. 7:45am. Tiny Guitar Club Rehearsal 7:45am. Professional Learning Action Team Mtg. 3:45pm.

Tuesday: PLCs all day! Family Learning Action Team Mtg.

Wednesday: Cafe' Crew Mtg. 8:15 am. 5 Minute Mtg. @ 3:45 pm for ALL Staff in the Library.

Thursday: Admin. Council Mtg. Restructuring Mtg 4:00pm @ Riverbend.

Friday: Riverbend Students Day of Service. Lego League Jr Club @ 7:45am. PERFECT ATTENDANCE Celebration 2:50pm (Bingo in the Cafeteria - Schmidt) Specials PLC @ 2:30pm.

Counselor's Corner

Week of 12/3:

1st week of the month is kindergarten,1st, and 4th grade. The schedule is posted on mailboxes.

This month's curriculum theme is kindness. One kind staff member is modeling this by donating her recent Craft Fair surplus for donations to cover outstanding student lunch balances. Thank you Chris Carrico for supporting our students in need. Sophalicious Bath Bombs will be in the lounge for anyone wanting to donate to the lunch accounts.

Great things are happening @ ZE:

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Curriculum & Assessment

PLC Focus for the week:
  1. Student Tier MAPs: Oct & Nov. Evaluate ELA
  2. Embargoed MAP Assessment Scores
  3. School-wide Leadership Day on December 20th

Professional Development

Funds are available for teachers seeking networking on Writers Workshop, student engagement, classroom management, and Leader in Me. Complete the My Learning Plan application for a specific training. See Megan Thate if you need assistance with My Learning Plan.

December 20th Early-Release Professional Development will be focused on the completion of first semester grade reports and planning for second semester.

LIM Weekly


Brainstorming is used in creative thinking and planning. It allows students to generate and organize their ideas in a non-linear way. To use the Brainstormer write the central concept in the middle of the page and write related concepts on lines or bubbles anywhere around the central concept. Multiple ideas may branch off any concept. Brainstorming may be done individually or as a group. It is best not to critique or eliminate ideas while brainstorming, just go for quantity of ideas and encourage creativity.

I just realized all lessons are Think Win Win lessons but they are designed to fit the quality tool.

December LIM Calendar is printed and will be handed out at PLC's this week:

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When Kids Lead

“The more students own it the better they’ll like it.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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We will be celebrating any classes that have spelled PERFECT ATTENDANCE on Friday 12/7 from 2:50-3:20pm.

Plan A is to have a couple round of Bingo with marshmellows in the cafeteria!

If the weather miraculously is nice then...

Plan B would be to take them outside.

Right now I have Mrs. Schmidt and Ms. Mueller's class on the list BUT as I walk the halls I see some classes are VERY CLOSE to email me (Dr. Sladek) as soon as you spell it!