End of Year Computer Reminders

Benton Tech Tips for Teachers

End of Year

It's that time of year -- the last few days of school! I know you guys have worked so hard this year and are ready for a much-needed summer break, but I just wanted to remind you of a few things before you head off to your exciting summer destinations.



Make sure to reset your password before you leave school. We will have a long break this summer and some of your passwords may expire if you do not change them before you leave.

You can always unlock or reset your password via the website https://apps.bentonschools.org/password/

Security Questions

It is a good idea to go in and reset your security questions before you leave. This way, if your password expires over the summer, you can still access your e-mail or school computer by resetting your password online. It is simple and easy to do.

  1. Go to https://apps.bentonschools.org/password/
  2. Click on Enroll
  3. Put in your Username and Password (you must do this BEFORE your current password expires)
  4. Pick 4 Questions to answer and on the 5th question you will make up the question and answer (Answers are not case sensitive, but they are spelling and spacing sensitive)
  5. Click Enroll when you are finished

By making sure you know the answers to your security questions, you will always have a way to unlock or reset your password via the website https://apps.bentonschools.org/password/

BHS Password Instructions


Back up!

Make sure to backup all your files on your computer. It is always a good idea to backup your files, even during the school year, to you ensure that your work will be there when you need it. You can back them up to an external hard drive, your H: drive on your computer (max 2GB) or you can upload everything to Google Drive.

P: Drive

Please do not delete anything from the P: drive unless you created the file and no longer need it. This is a shared drive in each of your buildings. If you delete something out of there, it deletes it for everyone in your building. Teachers sometimes confuse the P:drive with their H:drive. The P: drive is a Public folder and the H: drive is your Home Folder.


Password & Questions

Don't forget to change your TAC password and update your SSO questions before you leave for summer break. You can click on the following links to access information on how to change your password and all the tips for creating a new one!

TAC SSO-Password Change

To reset your SSO Questions:

  1. Go to www.apscn.org
  2. Select "Security" then "Security Resources"
  3. Sign in using your current TAC Username and Password
  4. Click on SSO Account Settings
  5. Click on "Modify my Profile" on the left side of the screen.
  6. Select your questions to answer
  7. Click submit

By having your questions up to date, you will be able to access your SSO account to change your password even when it has expired.

TAC Question and Password Reset